15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo

CoCo has officially started her birthday week and is currently out of town right now on an adventure with her mom. I knew she had a lot on her plate so I told her I could handle another guest post. My last one went really well so I figured I could handle it.

We’ve been getting ready for her birthday so I don’t really have any projects to share with you but I do have some funny things to tell you about CoCo that you probably don’t know. She’s very particular about what goes on the blog so I hope she’s ok with all this. As you know, CoCo takes this blog very seriously.

Anyway, we’ve been best friends for about 12 years now so I have plenty to share. I won’t share her secrets I’ll just share the funny stuff.

This is a list we’ll call 15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo –

  1. There will be NO balloons of any kind at any of CoCo’s parties this week. She has a major fear of balloons. A tear inducing fear. She hates balloons so much she doesn’t care how old you are or that it’s your birthday just lose the balloons already. While we’re on the subject, she also has a big fear of clowns, cats and buffet lines, it’s legit.

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  1. CoCo definitely knows her own mind. She likes things done in a certain way. Most people would call that bossy but CoCo has been called bossy quite a bit and it doesn’t phase her at all. We’re pretty much used to her “direction” now and “get on board” pretty quickly. No sense in delaying the inevitable.
  1. Once she asked me to pick up some flowers for a photo shoot. I happily told her, “No problem” and I showed up with these…

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She wasn’t mean about it or anything but I noticed this is what was featured in her post the next day…

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  1. CoCo likes to eat certain meals in a specific combination and she doesn’t change the combination at all. I’m sure you know already she is a very picky eater. I would say she comes from a big family of picky eaters. If she orders a veggie sub I know she will only eat sour cream and cheddar chips but if she orders a tuna sub she only will only eat sour cream and onion chips. She won’t eat a veggie burger without fries and even though she swears she doesn’t eat onions, she eats a blooming onion if we go to Outback. every. single. time. Now imagine trying a new restaurant with her…my thoughts exactly.
  1. Since we’re talking about food, CoCo has a pretty intense sweet tooth. I swear she’s on the treadmill every day just so she can have chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and her favorite ice cream Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough without feeling guilty about it. I look at the cap and gain 2 pounds. But she’s all sweatin to the oldies every morning and running races.  That’s her in the pink.

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  1. We don’t have very many pictures of CoCo because she doesn’t like having her picture taken. She likes her hands and feet though. I’ve noticed they both make an appearance on the blog pretty regularly.

012017-5 15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo DIY

012017-6 15 Things You Don’t Know About CoCo DIY

  1. This is one of my favorite pictures of CoCo. She had just gotten her hair cut and regretted it immediately. She kept saying, “Don’t take my picture! I’m serious! I MEAN IT! You said we were friends!” She was laughing so hard I had to capture the moment and every time I see this photo I’m glad I did. Her hair has not been cut since. In fact, it’s probably in a bun or Willie Nelson braids right now.

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  1. CoCo is always trying to be “helpful” if something ails you. She has some pretty wild ideas but they all seem to work. Pickle juice, vapor rub, ginger, peppermint oil, smudge sticks and apple cider vinegar are staples at the house. Just don’t throw up around her or she’ll be gone quicker than you can yell, “Help!”
  1. CoCo has a secret dream to sing with the Mississippi Mass Choir. She thinks she would be really good at it but over Christmas her niece and nephew asked her to stop singing Jingle Bells. Apparently they couldn’t take it anymore. Boy, do I know the feeling.
  1. CoCo is a great mom to her dogs Tally and Jelly Bean. She’s a total softie when it comes to them even though she swears she’s “the disciplinarian.” They just look at her and she’s a puddle of mush. Trust me when I say, “the disciplinarian has left the building.”

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  1. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with CoCo in real life, you know she’s very animated. Her hands are waving, her eyes are dancing and her voice immediately gets a Southern drawl. If she’s telling a funny story be prepared to wait at least 5 minutes for her to get the story out because she’s probably laughing or crying while she’s telling the story. This one picture took us 48 tries because she couldn’t get it together. She of course, hated it.

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  1. It’s one thing if CoCo is trying to tell you a story, it’s an entirely different thing if she’s trying to explain something to you. Half the time I feel like she’s talking in parables and the other half she’s so vague I feel like I need to buy a vowel. I hear, “I mean, this is 101” a lot.  She’s always asking me about some thing. “Where is that thing,” or “can you get me that thing?” Please someone tell me, what is the thing???
  1. People ask CoCo if her house is really “that clean” when they meet her. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a messy moment or three but if it says, “laundry on Saturday” you better believe she’s doing the laundry on Saturday and she expects you to be working on your laundry on Saturday too.

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  1. CoCo does not appreciate loitering or “shady soliciting.” She can give a speech to 200 servicemen and women without getting sweaty palms so why does she get sweaty palms in Walmart when someone approaches her buggy holding a clipboard wanting to know who her cable provider is?
  1. CoCo is not really big on surprises so I hope when she reads this (which will probably be when it goes live at 5 am) she’s ok with it. I’ve been planning something for her birthday and she has been driving me crazy with all the questions regarding the plan. CoCo always has a plan and always needs to know what the plan is even if it’s not her plan. I have tried to give her just enough information so that she feels like she knows what’s going on but not enough to give it away. It’s been a challenge.

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In all seriousness, CoCo is one of the most kind, generous and encouraging people I know. She’s been a loyal friend to me for many years. Every day she wants the best of me and the best for me too. CoCo believes when everybody gives their best gifts magic happens and after years of hanging around her I believe that now too. She is the same on the blog as she is when hosting parties at the house. Full disclosure, if you ever come over she’ll probably be wearing Chuck Taylors or some kind of glittering shoes talking about how many times she changed her outfit, how she has yet to tame her crazy hair and hugging you as soon as you reach the front door.

Happy Milestone Birthday, CoCo, Team Crowned Goat loves you and we can’t wait to celebrate when you get home!

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      I was thinking the same thing until I saw myself in those running pants ha ha, then I thought What is going on here! Sending you big hugs and thanks so much for the birthday wishes, CoCo

  1. says

    Hey S – FABULOUS post! You already know how much we love CoCo too! She is the first person we have never met that orders a McDonalds hamburger…without the hamburger! She is the most kind, caring, loyal, fun and bossy person that we know. She is so lucky to have you on her life…you have done her proud today!

    • says

      You guys are so funny! I’m sure she had to whittle the list down quite a bit. I see that not making a left hand turn and not walking in the door first did not make the list. Thank goodness because 15 seems like a lot of quirks for one person 🙂 I really appreciate all of your kind words, love, encouragement, birthday wishes and surprise presents. You guys are the best! Big hugs, CoCo

  2. LILI says

    Well written S! and OH so true. I love everything you said. I laughed and I cried. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I wish you all the best during your “milestone” year.

    • says

      Girl, these heart on the sleeve posts are THE hardest to write so I really appreciate your encouragement. This getting older stuff is not for sissies ha ha. Sending you big hugs and lots of thank you for always being there, CoCo