17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

How was your weekend? I hope you guys had tons of fun and the chance to rest and relax too. As we inch a little closer to February, I thought I would share 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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I don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day that kind of sneaks up on me every year. I think it must be all of the decluttering and organizing he he. It totally snuck up on me last year so I decided to make a conscious effort to be more intentional about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. I don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day like I do Christmas, Easter or birthdays. I feel like the spirit of the day should be celebrated all year long. That being said, I do feel like the day should be marked with something special.

This list of 17 Valentine Gift Ideas is a celebration of love in action, which is the best kind of love. It’s also mostly budget friendly and perfect for anyone in your life you care about…

Take a Trip – Taking a trip with your Valentine can be as involved as you have time to plan. It can be a big deal like a romantic getaway for two or super low key like a surprise day trip to a city you haven’t had the chance to explore yet.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-2 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Create a Cutting or Herb Garden – I know a lot of people get roses at the office for Valentine’s Day but how cool would it be to have a garden full of your favorite flowers or herbs all year long? Before you think this may be too tough to pull off because you’re living in a small house or apartment consider the fact that herbs can grow in a sunny windowsill and some of your favorite flowers probably start in basic pots or containers gardens.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-3 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Give a Dinner Basket – Create a dinner basket that has heart shaped pasta, marinara sauce, cheese, herbs, oil, a crusty loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, dessert and the recipient’s favorite book, magazine or movie so they can enjoy a fun night in.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-4 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Bake a Sweet Treat – As you guys know, I have a serious sweet tooth which makes Valentine’s Day treats right up my alley. Try a new recipe or consider baking a variety of your signature desserts and place them in a festive tin to give to friends, neighbors, coworkers or teachers a delicious sweet treat.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-5 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Write a Love Note – Place a handwritten note on the bathroom mirror, lunch box, car seat, pillow, purse, computer keyboard, backpack or really any place your Valentine is sure to find your love note. Writing what you like, love or appreciate about someone will always be a welcome way to celebrate the people in your life you care about.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-6 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Pack a Lunch or Make a Special Valentine’s Day Breakfast – Use heart shaped cookie cutters to create festive sandwiches or pack a lunch filled with food items that are only red or pink. If your kids or loved ones don’t take a lunch, consider waking up early to surprise them with a special Valentine’s Day breakfast like red velvet pancakes.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-7 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Make the Bed – I know a lot of you are like me and make the bed every morning. Wouldn’t it be so nice if while you were in the shower getting ready for work someone surprised you with the bed already made? Think about how thrilled your little would be if they got to skip that chore for just one day. Best Mom Ever!

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-8 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Buy a Vintage or Antique Gift – Some of my favorite gifts have come from the thrift store, old barns or an antique mall. Give a gift of ironstone, milkglass, chippy scales, tarnished trophies, metal tool boxes, transferware, vintage china or heirloom jewelry pieces to the collector you love.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-9 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Make Your Valentine Something They Want or Need– There are so many things you can make your Valentine…pillow covers, signs, pantry storage drawers, farmers market tote bags, a piece of art, a lamp, furniture, pottery, scarves, blankets, laundry soap, or baskets. You can make a tray like this one in a few easy steps and serve them breakfast in bed.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-10 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Give the Gift of Your Time – This gift may not seem like very much but the impact is huge. Help a friend rake leaves, babysit your sister’s kids, make a chicken pot pie for a neighbor or take your mom to the beach for the afternoon. The gift of your time is priceless.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-11 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Take a Class Together – You don’t have to be a couple to take a class together. Consider inviting a friend, neighbor or family member to a paint class, photography class, cooking class or a dance class. My mom and I took a cake decorating class a few years ago and we still talk about how much fun it was.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-12 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Support a Service Project Together – If you’re family and friends are into community service projects why not volunteer on a project together.   There are a lot of community organizations looking for volunteers right now. Find an issue you’re passionate about and help make a difference in the lives of those living in your own community.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-13 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Give Your Best Talents and Gifts – This past Christmas my mom and sister asked for gifts of service. My mom wanted me to help her get organized and my sister wanted me to paint one of the dressers in her bedroom. Everyone has a gift so maybe you’re a great cook or a fabulous baker, maybe you’re a web designer or even a photographer that could give a family photo session for free. Everyone has something they’re good at so don’t be afraid to give your best gifts to those that are closest to you.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-14 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Give a Gift that Celebrates Nature – Give a gift that celebrates nature such as flowers from your rose garden, fruit from the fruit trees in your back yard, rocks from your special hiking spot, sea glass you’ve found on the beach or bird feathers you’ve collected from your favorite trails. My little sister gave me a collection of shells from a beach we used to walk together each week in a glass jar with a note that still makes me weepy some 18 years later.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-15 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

Take Over the Chore List – A few weeks ago I was out of town for a long weekend. I was so tired from the trip and honestly I was dreading coming home to catch up on chores I had missed over a 4-day period. Imagine my complete surprise when I walked through the front door and my entire house had been cleaned thanks to my bestie S who had been watching the dogs. I could have done cartwheels all the way down the driveway I was so appreciative.

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Draw Your Valentine a Bath – Believe me, drawing someone a bath filled with bubbles, bath bombs, oils or whatever they use will feel like a luxury. Make sure they have something to drink, a magazine, candles, robe and fluffy towels too.

17-Valentine-Celebration-Ideas-17 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day DIY

This one is probably THE most important one on the list…

BE FULLY PRESENT – When you’re taking the time to be with a loved one REALLY be with them in the moment. If you’re worried about a client or thinking about everything you have to do when you get home, it totally ruins the time you have together. Put your phone aside (I’m saying this because phubbing {phone snubbing}) is an actual thing and enjoy those you love.

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Valentine’s Day comes once a year but you have the ability to show love in action every single day. How cool is that! See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing a few tips for shopping the Renninger’s Extravaganza in case you decide to take your Valentine on a junkin’ adventure. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,