2013 Holiday Home Tour Recap

I hope you guys had as much fun reading the posts from the Holiday Blog Series as I did.  It was an honor to team up with such a talented group of ladies.  It’s been one my goals this year to strike more of balance between my work life, family life and personal life.  If you’ve been following on Instagram you know I’ve been spending time at the cabin.  The time away has been exactly what I needed.

120814-AWith that in mind, I’m sharing my 2013 Holiday Home Tour with you today.  Last year, my holiday home definitely reflected my life – that of a run down vendor. What was I doing running three different booths in three different cities none of which were in the city that I actually lived in? I was the Mayor of Crazy Town and after looking back at these holiday decorating ideas it totally shows.


I’m excited to say that I’ve definitely grown a lot in this past year and while I don’t have it all figured out I’ve definitely gotten a better idea of what balance should look like.


I made almost all of my decorations last year. We foraged the property for everything from magnolia leaves I spray painted white and used on the mantle


 to the sticks that became the Christmas tree. Charlie Brown would have been so proud.


I love these glitter birds that I used on the tablescape. I’m pretty sure they came from the dollar store.  You may recognize that pinecone garland.  It’s on my mantle this year.


I bleached these bottlebrush trees so they would be white. A full year later and I still fancy neutrals.


It’s so funny to look back at this “All is Calm” decorating theme. I wasn’t trying to be perfect or inspirational, I just trying to make it.


It makes me excited to see how much I’ve changed over this past year.  Thank you guys so much for sticking with me.  You guys are amazing and I love it that we’re growing together. 2015 is going to be our best year yet!


Many blessings,



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    Coco! What an awesome post! I didn’t know you last year, so it surprised me so much when I read this because I always see you as so put together. It’s fun (and scary) to look back.

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    Coco, I love all your neutrals and can’t believe you found most of those items around your home. The deer on the mantel are fabulous. Hope you’re having a great day, Lisa

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    If you were the Mayor of Crazy Town last year, that town had some really pretty holiday decor! Loved being part of the holiday series with you and your home looked beautiful last year, and even more so this year! We both <3 neutrals 🙂 Bwg ~~~