2014 Holiday Home Tour

Did you get a chance to read Wednesday’s post? Now you can understand why I was so relaxed. The cabin is like a little piece of heaven on earth. I’m so glad I went. I’ve said this before and I really mean it, it feels like Christmas came early for me.

121214-1 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

Now that we’re back home and getting settled into island life again I’m happy I took the time to decorate before I left for vacation. Several of you have asked how I got it all done. I laugh because I was bringing boxes of ornaments down from the attic when most people were passing out Halloween candy. It was a lot of work and totally worth the extra effort.

121214-2 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

I usually return home from vacation and my house is a wreck. The front entrance looks like a UPS warehouse. The mail has been stacked so high its fallen off the entry table and scattered on the floor.

121214-3 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

Jackets, scarves, gloves and socks typically line the path to the bedroom and the memories of scrambling to get “just one more thing” come flooding back.

121214-4 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

That’s been my life after almost every vacation. On cloud nine one minute and feeling the sting of reality the next. It’s enough to put your Christmas cheer in the toilet.

121214-5 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

It’s been my goal to enjoy this holiday season to the fullest this year. My deepest hearts desire was to walk into my house and have it be in excellence from top to bottom following vacation.

121214-6 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

I wanted to walk through the front door and be able to keep my Christmas spirit. To have my priorities list in working order, my presents on the way and my schedule set to fun.

121214-7 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

In the words of Lisa Terkeurst, “Every day we make choices. Then our choices make us.” I’ve decided I’m not waiting until the New Year to start putting my goals into practice.

121214-8 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

 I’m starting now.

121214-9-1024x768 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

 And it feels really good.

121214-10 2014 Holiday Home Tour Decorating Holidays

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  1. says

    CoCo – I am so happy for you! Your home is so beautiful. I can imagine the feeling of glee upon returning home after vacation and everything was perfect. This is a great reminder to me to get my act together and get organized 🙂 Keep enjoying the season!

  2. says

    Coco! Your holiday decor is perfection! And, I love your pep talk…much needed here. You’re right, why wait until New Years to begin making changes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!! Hugs!

    • CoCo says

      You’re so sweet, Angie, thank you! I’ve been making small changes all month and it’s made the biggest difference. Sending you big hugs too lady, Coco

  3. says

    Coco! Your house is beautiful. I especially love the twigs you used on your fireplace mantel, your tree (of course), and the rustic table setting. So awesome! This was beautifully written, not an easy feat. Thanks for the inspiration! Merry! Merry! CHRISTmas!

  4. says

    Your holiday home is beautiful and your happiness in completing your “git’er done” plan comes through in your post Coco! Isn’t walking in to a clean and ordered home after vacation the best! I felt your scramble before the trip, your relief in getting it all done, and your happiness now to enjoy the season. Congratulations and hugs to you 🙂 Bwg ~~~

    • CoCo says

      Scramble is a great word ha ha! It was a lot of work but totally worth it. We had a great time and you are right walking into a clean, organized, decorated home after 2 weeks of vacation felt like a dream come true! Hugs to you too!

  5. says

    I am with you! I MUST return to a clean home after vacation! But to come home to a beautifully decorated for Christmas home is heavenly! Very smart and would put me right into the spirit of the season!

  6. says

    COCO, I love your holiday home tour and am so glad you had that time to get away and relax, reflect and set goals. Very inspiring and I probably need to go on vacation too…..lol. xo Lisa