Budget Friendly Bathroom Organization

So after I tamed this mess


into this tidy dream

Budget Friendly Linen Closet Ideas - 102214-12

I moved on to this…eeekk.


You guys, sometimes I look around and think, “How could things have gotten so out of control!” It’s like you see it but you’re so used to the mess it stops bothering you. Yikes! When it comes to organization there have been a lot of things that have been bothering me lately and you know what? I’m going to start working on them bit by bit. I fear if I said, “I want an organized house” then I’ve already set myself up for failure. It would take a month to get this house completely organized. But I am going to set myself up for success and that’s why I’ve committed to taking small steps. In the words of my friend Bobbi “Small Change Big Difference” and I’m making changes in the bathroom.

First up in the linen closet in the master bathroom. I headed back to the Dollar General for budget friendly supplies. I bought 4 cubes to house sets of sheets and I used cardstock and jute that I had on hand to make the labels. Total cost: $16


I’ve had this basket for a while and I repurposed it to hold toilet paper, Q-tips, cotton balls and deodorizer. Total cost: $0


These bins were in two separate bathrooms so we decided to combine them to hold medicines and first aid supplies. When the littles come to visit we can pull both of them off the shelves and place them out of their reach. This should definitely be a consideration when organizing medicine, chemicals, or things that would cause harm to children or nosy pets. These labels were made out of cardstock I had on hand and I drew the graphics with a permanent marker. Total cost: $0


Next I bought black baskets to coral every day items from pet care to bathroom cleaning supplies. Bonus, I can now carry one basket from bathroom to bathroom instead of having to search for mirror cleaner in one bathroom and shower cleaner in another. Total cost: $5.


This linen closet makeover set me back $21. It’s tiny so hopefully you can see how those small changes made a big difference in helping to make it more organized.


With the linen closet in place I decided to tackle the bathroom vanity. I know, right? Like the closet was enough for me to take a nap already but I really wanted to get the entire space finished. The bathroom vanity has a double sink, 5 drawers and two cabinets so I decided to tackle the messiest spot first – the middle drawer.


It was total crazy town in there so I headed back out for more supplies this time to The Dollar Store. I found a 4 pack of these bins that were perfect for housing everything from lip balm to razors. The only colors they had were blue and green but that wasn’t a problem, I just spray painted them black when I got home. Total cost: $3


I also bought this contact paper to line the bottom of the cabinets,




and bins. It set me back $3 and I love the way it added a little bit of contrast to the vanity.


How hard is it to believe that was the same drawer!


Lastly, I purchased additional black bins to organize head, body and mouth products under each cabinet.


The total cost to organize the master bathroom was a budget friendly: $31. I can hardly believe it either. I’m so excited about making progress I’m moving on to my office storage next. It’s awful!

Many blessings,



  1. Liz Bonin says

    Oh my gosh CoCo! It all looks so good. Especially love the drawers! I’ve had plastic bins in my bathroom forever but never really liked the color. Never thought to paint them, DUH!!! Youve inspired me (again) with this project. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

    • CoCo says

      ha ha I’ll be write over Angie! It was so much work but it’s already helped make big changes this week as the counters are no longer cluttered. It has been so nice!

    • CoCo says

      You’re so welcome, Bobbi, thanks for the SCBD introduction. I started working on my kitchen but had to move to my office to get ready for the holiday inventory! Can’t wait to see yours!