Budget Friendly Decorating Tips for Summer

Have you guys started decorating for summer yet? Now that we’re home from the cabin, I’m excited to start working on our summer project list. My mom is coming over this week to help me give a few spaces a refresh which I’m totally thrilled about. She’s always a big help and it’s fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of. I know summer is a busy time for traveling, celebrating friends and family as well as entertaining neighbors so I thought it would be fun to bring together a few budget friendly decorating tips for summer today.

  1. Summer is a great time to give a casual yet comfortable feel to your home. If your house is anything like ours, we’re either on the road to the next adventure or hosting company all summer long. Creating a welcoming environment from the get-go is key so make sure to highlight your porch.


Even if you have only have a small stoop or a few steps plant some flowers or succulents in interesting containers and hang a statement piece on the door.


  1. Eating outside in the summertime is always fun. Whether you’re creating an Italian meal with al fresco dining or making s’mores around the firepit every meal is an opportunity to make new memories.


  1. Use a classic summer color palatte like blue and white. You may already have white dishes at home so consider adding a navy or turquoise accents to the mix when creating your tablescapes. You can find affordable dishes at thrift stores, charity shops, estate sales and antique malls.


  1. Incorporating nature is always a budget friendly idea. Cut flowers or branches from your yard, pile your favorite fruit in bushel baskets or use potted herbs to add color around the house. If you live close to the beach use the shells or sea glass you’ve collected on long walks.


  1. Bring out your favorite collections. If you’ve been collecting anything from pigs to ironstone find a way to get them out of the boxes in the attic or cabinets and put them on display. I don’t mean clutter up your house, now. I mean collections en masse make a big statement for little money especially if you’ve been collecting a while. Choose one to three things you love love love and highlight them around the house together.


  1. Stash quilts and lightweight blankets in baskets to encourage rest and relaxation. Even better if you have a designated nap area like a backyard hammock.


  1. Keep your kitchen counters cleared off. I’m a huge proponent of keeping small appliances tucked away in cabinets, closets or in the pantry. Keeping counters clutter free will provide you with work space to make everything from a peach pie to healthy salads. It will also encourage you to keep things clean.


  1. Use stencils and paint to create a sign from scrap wood or old fencing that holds special summer memories. These signs are from our favorite places to hike each season.


  1. Give an old project an upcycle. We made this old door into a menu board and used it to keep our guests informed about everything from drinks to dessert.


  1. Finally, paint a piece of furniture in a fun summer color. If you’ve ever wanted to change things up in a budget friendly way, you can’t beat the power of paint. From accent walls to end tables, paint offers an instantaneous change. So grab your favorite color and get started today!


Speaking of paint, I’ll share customer favorites in Duck Egg tomorrow for a little summer inspiration! Until then, here’s one for your Pinterest board…


Many blessings,