The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: The Breakfast Nook

As most of you know, we recently gave the breakfast nook a makeover after we painted the kitchen cabinets. I swear there is nothing like a makeover reveal however big or small to help keep things neat and tidy. The makeover process is so much work you don’t want anything out of place or cluttered once you’re finished #truth.

The breakfast nook is just off the kitchen and is one of those rooms that open up to several other rooms. If you’re standing in the living room you can see the kitchen, dining room, entry, breakfast nook and a few other places all at once. This is one of the reasons, sticking to a similar color palate and style is so important especially if you’re living in a home with an open floor plan.

Once the rest of the spaces in your home are settled, fall decorating in the breakfast nook should be fairly easy. The reason that it will be easy is because you are repeating decorative elements from other rooms or vignettes in your home. I know. I can almost make out someone saying…”What’s the catch?” There is no catch. You can do this. That’s the beauty of creating a signature style, owning it and using a complementary color palate throughout your seasonal decorating. If you had a chance to look at how we decorated the dining room for fall you may recognize some of these same concepts have been repeated in the breakfast nook as well. Here are a few things to consider when decorating the breakfast nook for fall…


Keep it simple – if the breakfast nook is open to other rooms in your home (like the kitchen and living room for us) the other spaces are likely to get recognized before the breakfast nook. Keeping it simple in the breakfast nook means the eye can view the space as a whole. It also means you have a chance to carve out a cozy spot just off the larger more recognized spaces which is a good thing. You know when you’re walking down a busy street and its store after store, after store, after store? And then you come across a sweet little bistro that is so quaint you want to stop immediately for lunch and it’s only 11 am? That’s how your breakfast nook can feel too.



Repeat your favorite elements from one tablescape to the next – so here’s the thing, you don’t want your breakfast nook table to look exactly the same as your dining room table but you do want them to complement each other. Take the elements you’re most excited about (mums, white pumpkins, plaids, layered china for me) and mix them up in a fresh but familiar way.




Stick with your predetermined color palate to avoid visual clutter – this means, deciding what your color palate will be in advance before decorating with seasonal essentials. Ok, so I realize if you’re a busy mom, you’re thinking, “I can’t even remember if I wore deodorant today and you want me to plan my fall color palate in advance.” The answer is yes, I do. I want you to use the existing colors in your home to enhance your spaces with seasonal decorating by not undermining the home you’ve worked so hard to create with visual holiday clutter.



Use texture as an accent on a smaller table – if your breakfast nook table seats 6 people or less, use texture in smaller doses. These natural chargers are a great foundation for building multiple layers of a place setting without competing with the other elements on the table. Chargers are also a great way to add pops of color to your tablescape and most of the time can be painted to match your color palate #seewhatididrightthere



Unconventional containers of flowers and plants will help to round out the look – these potted mums came from our local home improvement store and costs around $5. The layers of oak tree branches were clipped from the yard. In the breakfast nook reveal post, I used flowers that were around $10 from the grocery store. You may also want to consider using herbs like the dried bay leaves used to accent the pumpkins in these ironstone bowls. Herbs are inexpensive and readily available year-round. It doesn’t take a lot of extra money to get the look you want by using budget friendly plants to help welcome guests to your home. Likewise, using plants or flowers in unconventional containers will also act as a conversation starter and give you a chance to share your favorite shopping haunts or vacation memories with family, friends or neighbors.



It’s been such a fun week putting this series together for you guys. I hope these tips have helped to make decorating spaces you love for fall seem a little less scary. You can start loving things about your home today, pinky promise, it’s possible!



See you guys back here tomorrow.Now that I’ve shared a bit about how busy girls can decorate their homes for fall, I’ll highlight my favorite things from around the web that will help you look your best when guests arrive. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,