The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: The Dining Room

Just off the entry is the dining room. It’s wide open, column flanked and provides plenty of room for friends and family. Once I finished adding touches of fall to the entry space, I immediately turned my attention to decorating the dining room. I’m realizing more and more I don’t have time to completely change items around from room to room just to decorate for the seasons and create a different look. I’m thinking if you’re reading this series for busy girls, you probably don’t either.

The only change we’ve made to this space is moving the bench that was previously used in the breakfast nook into the dining room. It changed the look a little bit but not anything significant. Leaving most everything “as is” actually helped to save time. Bonus, since I’m using the same seasonal color palate throughout the house, decorating decisions were that much easier to make. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re creating a festive look for fall in the dining room….


Play up your dining room table OR your china hutch but don’t play up both at once or it may read as cluttered – it feels like such a blessing to have a table that comfortable seats 10-12 at once but you don’t have to have a table this size to make a dining room statement. The china hutch in this room is almost 9 foot tall and could be considered a statement piece in itself. Because we keep it styled with neutrals the china hutch doesn’t compete with the dining room table. When you’re decorating your space at home think about it the same way you think about pairing a smoky eye with a nude lip or a bright lip with a neutral eye color. Allow each statement piece to shine by complementing each other not competing with each other.



Layer your table with texture – my parents picked up these old feed sacks for me at our hometown feed store for a few dollars each. They’re great to wrap around potted plants and the burlap adds texture. The “table runner” is a thrifted find I’ve been using for years because it contains our home’s signature colors in one piece of fabric. Make sure to check antique stores, charity events and thrift shops for a similar style at a reasonable price (think under $10 depending on your area).



Add your favorite china be it vintage or new – you’ll need a charger, dinner plate and salad plate or bowl. Add drinking glasses, silverware, napkins and you’re good to go. All of these pieces are mismatched pieces of Windsor Ware and ironstone that have been either thrifted or gifted over the years.



Use nature to accent your favorite fall color palate – I look forward to using mums in fall decorating all year. While I don’t “go all out” with a lot of fall colors I do like to add pops of fall color like orange mixed in with shades of greens, whites and grays. Whatever colors you chose to use in your home this season find a way to add bits of nature to the mix. There are some beautiful plants at local nurseries right now that are only available during this season.



Be consistent – Once I decided to use white pumpkins, layers of neutrals, oak tree branches and pops of orange in one space it made it easier to carry out those same elements in every space. Find something that makes you excited about this season and use it from one room to the next so that all of the spaces in your home are consistent. This will help create a warm, cozy feeling as opposed to adding lots of visual seasonal clutter to your existing spaces.



I hope these simple tips have helped. Sometimes I look at fall inspired spaces on social media and think, “wow, that is gorgeous but I don’t have that kind of time.” Rest assured if you’re pressed for time you can still have a beautiful home and celebrate the season.


See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fall Decorating: The Living Room and Mantel. Until then, I’ll see you Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,