The Busy Girl’s Valentine’s Day Snack Box

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought I would share another simple project for all of you that are running to the store for last minute gifts, cards and classroom goodies.   Yesterday, I shared a simple Valentine’s Day Gift Container that can easily be made in an afternoon. Honestly, there are so many different ways you can fill the container from a movie night treats to quick picnic lunch. Bonus, the gift recipient can reuse the container well after Valentine’s Day. Today, I thought I would share another super easy way to fill the container with a Valentine Snack Box idea. It’s Busy Girl approved and can also be created in an afternoon with just a few supplies. Here’s a look at how you can make these delicious sweets too…

Easy Valentine Snack Box-1


Candy Melts (we chose red & white vanilla flavor but you can choose the flavors and colors you like best.)

Cookies (we used Pepperidge Farm Raspberry and Chocolate Cookies but you can choose the cookies you like best just make sure they’re sturdy cookies. The soft cookies we tried didn’t hold up very well.)

Pretzels (we used these pretzel crisps but pretzel rods would also work well.)

Strawberries (make sure they’re washed and completely dry prior to working with candy melts.)

Graham Crackers

Special Toppings, if desired (see below)

Wax Paper

Cookie/Baking Sheet

Microwave-Safe Bowl (you’ll need one bowl for each color or flavor you choose to use.)

Easy Valentine Snack Box-2


Before you get started, place a piece of wax paper on a cookie/baking sheet.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-3

Add candy melts (depending on how much you need) to a microwave-safe bowl and

Easy Valentine Snack Box-4

follow the directions on the back of the bag.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-5

Once the candy melts come out of the microwave, you may need to stir them just a bit before dipping your favorite cookies or fruit into the mix…

Easy Valentine Snack Box-6

Easy Valentine Snack Box-7

Easy Valentine Snack Box-8

Easy Valentine Snack Box-9

Add toppings if desired then set aside on wax paper to cool.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-10

Keep in mind, if you want to add special toppings you’ll need to put them on the Valentine treat prior to the candy melts cooling or the toppings will fall off. We tried Dutch chocolate dust,

Easy Valentine Snack Box-11

cookies and cream,

Easy Valentine Snack Box-12

salted caramels,

Easy Valentine Snack Box-13

toffee crunch,

Easy Valentine Snack Box-14

and plain.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-15

Line your DIY Valentine Container with wax or parchment paper prior to placing the treats into the box.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-16

No playing you guys, this process couldn’t be easier and there are so many flavor combinations to try.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-17

You can make a Valentine’s Snack Box for your family and friends, teachers, neighbors, coworkers or any one you care about in an afternoon. It’s a simple way to let them know how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day or really any day.

Easy Valentine Snack Box-18

These are so easy, they’re Busy Girl approved!

Easy Valentine Snack Box-19

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share all of my favorite posts from around the web this week. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

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      I think your girls are old enough to help you with these too, Sarah, they’re so good. I found all of these supplies at our local Walmart if you can believe it. The candy melts were less than $2 per bag but I’m not sure if that price is good everywhere or not. Hugs, CoCo

    • says

      Girl, I love chocolates any time of the year but I swear there is something about getting some on Valentines Day that make them seem extra special 🙂 Your kids could definitely do these just make sure the bowl has had a chance to cool a bit when it comes out of the microwave. Hugs, CoCo