How to Decorate for Fall with Apples

How to Decorate for Fall with Apples-4

Today, I want to share with you how easy it is to decorate your home for Fall using apples. Apples are great way to ease into the season and celebrate all things cozy. They add a touch of color and can also create a sense of harvest in your home. Here are a few easy ways to decorate your home for fall with apples…

Three Ways to Make Apple Nachos

Simple Apple Nachos Three Ways-The Crowned Goat-12

Today, I want to share three easy ways to make apple nachos. You know how you get a little hungry in the afternoons around 3pm? You don’t want anything that’s going to mess up dinner but you feel like you need a little something? Me too, like every afternoon. Here’s a look at three of our favorite combinations…

How to Organize an Easy Lunch Station at Home

How to Make a Lunch Station at Home-20

Today, I’m excited to share with you how to organize an easy lunch station at home. I’m teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers for our monthly Back to Basics series and this month we’re talking about all things organization and back to school. I can’t wait for you to see everyone’s ideas. They’re so fun!

Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover Reveal-Thumbnail

You guys, seriously, I cannot believe reveal day for the home office makeover is finally here! For realz, we need to pop the champs! It seems like it’s been FOREVER since we started working on this room. Let’s have a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Before and After: Painted Office Bookcases in Seagull Gray

Painted Bookcases in GF Seagull Gray-The Crowned Goat-13

Early last week, I spent the day painting the office bookcases in Seagull Gray for the home office makeover. It felt really exciting to be making progress on this project because we originally started working on the office way back in February. Of all the goals on our summer list, finishing the office was definitely at the top…

French Country Laundry Room Makeover

French Country Laundry Room Makeover-23

I’m so excited to finally share the French Country laundry room makeover at my parent’s home, Bliss Barracks with you today. We’ve probably been dreaming up ideas for this space since May and it was such an honor to help bring my Mom’s vision to life. Here’s a look at how all the details came together…

The Easiest Way to Age New Clothespins

How to Easily Age New Clothespins-9

Today I want to share with you the easiest way to age new clothespins. I was helping my mom redecorate the laundry room at Bliss Barracks when we stumbled upon this simple project. Here’s a look at how we easily “aged” new clothespins in just a few minutes using a product that has been a staple in our family’s home for as long as I can remember…

9 Ways to Keep the Laundry Room Clean and Organized

Nine Ways to Keep the Laundry Room Organized-11

Today’s post is all about keeping the laundry room clean and organized. I know laundry rooms come in all different shapes and sizes but any laundry room can be tidy in just a few simple steps. Here’s a look at 9 ways to keep the laundry room clean and organized…

Half-Bath Makeover


When I first thought about giving the half bath a makeover, it seemed like it would be a pretty straight forward process. We had no plans to change out anything major. In fact, the idea for the makeover was as simple as.…we have leftover paint, boards and battens in the garage…our garage is overflowing…let’s give this half bath a free mini makeover and clear out some clutter in the process…

11 Ways to Clean, Organize & Maintain Your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Keep the Kitchen Clean and Organized-11

Today I want to share 11 ways to clean, organize and maintain a tidy kitchen. I know January is a big month for “all things organization” but if you’ve gotten out of some of your routines after a relaxing summer now is a great time to get back on track…

7 Things to Prioritize Before School Starts

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I don’t know about you guys but we’ve been a little lax about some of our routines since summer began and it’s definitely starting to effect how this household operates. The end of summer is a great time to do a “reset” for routines. It’s also a good idea to reevaluate what’s working for you so you can get back on track and hopefully get ahead too. Today, I’m sharing 7 things to prioritize before school starts (read Fall if you don’t have kids)…

Creating a Laundry Room Folding Station from a Dresser


A few weeks ago, I was out shopping and found this three-drawer dresser I thought might make a great folding station for my mom’s laundry room at Bliss Barracks. We’ve actually been looking for something that could work in her space for a couple of months now. This dresser was great because it had the vintage vibe she wanted and was already painted white. That being said, she did have a few requests. Here’s a peek at the transformation…

Back to Basics: Summer Tablescapes

Back to Basics Thumbnail

Today’s post is going to be such a fun treat as we launch the first post in a new series called Back to Basics. Each month around this same time, I’ll be partnering with some of my favorite bloggers for a 101-style post on a variety of topics ranging from painting furniture to easy appetizers. This month, we’re sharing the basics of styling a summer tablescape…

Repurpose Old Fencing with This Easy Hack

A Simple Way to Repurpose Old Fencing-The Crowned Goat-16

A few years ago, my parents surprised me with some old fencing they had saved from my childhood home, Loblolly Manor. I wasn’t sure how we would use them at first but ultimately, we decided to use the old fencing to give an industrial style shelving unit a farmhouse makeover. Here’s a look at how we repurposed old fencing with a simple hack…

How to Properly Care for Wooden Spoons and Cutting Boards

Caring for Wooden Spoons and Cutting Boards-thumbnail

As some of you may know my grandparents passed away in March of this year and a few weeks ago we met as a family to go through my Granny’s estate. We used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen together baking and making biscuits so some of the pieces I treasured most were found in the kitchen. I’m excited to say, I was able to bring home a few these items and I’m on a mission to make sure I take extra special care of them. Here’s a look at how you can condition wooden spoons and cutting boards in a few easy steps….