How to Decorate for Fall with Apples

How to Decorate for Fall with Apples-4

Today, I want to share with you how easy it is to decorate your home for Fall using apples. Apples are great way to ease into the season and celebrate all things cozy. They add a touch of color and can also create a sense of harvest in your home. Here are a few easy ways to decorate your home for fall with apples…

17 Ways to Ease into Fall

17 Ways to Ease into Fall-5

Today, I want to share with you 17 ways to ease into fall. Now, if you’re living in the South or the Southwest you may not even want to think about fall yet. I totally get it. I was thinking it might take the pressure off just a little bit to ease into fall, you know? Here are 17 ways to ease into fall…

Mini Patriotic Bundt Cakes

Mini Patriotic Bundt Cakes-thumbnail

Good morning friends! Today I want to share with you a super easy recipe for mini patriotic bundt cakes. They can be easily customized with a variety of toppings which makes them perfect to serve for breakfast, as a late afternoon snack or even as a dessert after dinner. Here’s a look at how you can make these fabulous cakes too…

Summer Picnic Essentials

How to Create a Summer Beach Picnic-14

It’s no secret that we love a good treasure hunt. So, when we found ourselves in need of a few summer picnic essentials to take to the beach we headed out to our favorite thrift stores in what we thought would be an easy search for a picnic basket, plates, blankets and napkins.

11 Last Minute Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas

Last Minute Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas-5

I swear May and June feel like a blur! I can’t even believe it will be July at the end of this week. Have you guys started thinking about any fireworks displays or fun parties you want to attend or host yet? Here’s peek at 11 last minute 4th of July centerpiece ideas you can make in minutes…

Breakfast in Bed Picnic for Mother’s Day

How to Create a Breakfast in Bed Picnic Basket-15

Did you guys ever make your mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day when you were little? I was in the kitchen the other day making us lunch when I had this flashback of waking up early on Mother’s Day with my sisters to make her breakfast one year. Here are a few tips on how to create an easy Breakfast Picnic Basket for Mother’s Day or any morning you want to make feel special…

17 Easy Gifts to Make Before Mother’s Day

Birthday Brunch for Mom-18

Now that we’re entering the final phase of the master bedroom makeover we’re ready to turn our attention to so many fun events like the Kentucky Derby, Tally’s 17th birthday, Mother’s Day and the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before my mom is a saint of a lady. She is […]

Colorful Easter Tablescape

Colorful Easter Tablescape-4

Are you guys ready for the Easter holiday weekend? I thought it would be fun to share our colorful Easter tablescape with you today. We still have a few things to do but our plans are coming together pretty well. I was looking through my dresses the other day thinking about all those years my […]

The Easiest Way to DIY Robin Eggs

Easy DIY Robin Eggs-18

I was looking to make a quick Easter centerpiece when I came across the egg basket in my inventory closet and decided to give the eggs a bit of an update.

Spring Inspired Entry

Spring Entry-The Crowned Goat-11

If you had a chance to read our post about the Spring Porch Tour on Tuesday you know it’s beginning to feel like spring around here. Just inside the front door is our entry that opens up to the dining room, so today, I thought I would share how we added a bit of spring to the entry too.

Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas

Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas - The Crowned Goat

Did you guys see the season finale of Fixer Upper Season 4 last night? I swear every season just keeps getting better and better. In celebration of the season finale I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas for a Farmhouse Inspired Easter Basket. Here are a few things to consider for your favorite Fixer Upper fan…

Spring Front Porch Tour

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-13

A couple of weeks ago my bestie S asked me to meet up at our local home improvement store. We needed to pick up a few supplies for the spring front porch and the office makeover. The terra cotta pots flanking each side of the front door are fairly large so we selected pretty flowers that were also budget friendly. Here’s a look at the plants we chose for the Spring Front Porch Tour…

Simple Spring Mantel

Simple Spring Mantel Ideas-3

If you had a chance to read Monday’s post, you’ve already seen the Flower Market sign that became our jumping off point for not only decorating our simple spring mantel but for adding spring touches around the rest of the house too. Whenever we think about decorating the mantel for any season, we practice two simple steps every single time. Here’s a peek at our secrets and how you can create a simple spring mantel too…

DIY Flower Market Sign

How to Make a Flower Market Sign from Scrap Wood-Thumbnail

We love flowers any time of the year but especially this time of year so creating a simple Flower Market sign from some of the scrap wood we’ve been collecting in the garage seemed like a great way to jump start spring decorating for the mantel. Signs like this are really easy to make, here’s a peek at how you can make your own Flower Market Sign too…

Spring Inspired Tablescape

Spring Inspired Tablescape-2

Have you guys started decorating for Spring yet? Me too! If you’ve had a chance to follow along this week, we’ve shared simple spring inspired projects that you can use to decorate your home throughout the season. So today, I want to put all of those elements together and share a Spring Inspired Tablescape with you. Here’s a look at how the details came together…