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Happy Friday, you guys! How has your week been? Good, I hope. Are you ready for the weekend? Me too! Here’s a peek at all the things we’ve been up to behind the scenes and a few of our favorite things from around the web this week…

Ballard Designs Hack: Tufted Bench

DIY Tufted Bench Makeover-26

If you guys have been following along for the past few weeks, you already know we’ve had so many projects to complete including this Ballard Designs Hack: Tufted Bench. These projects were all related to the One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover and while we made it just in time to take the reveal photos there are still a few items on the “to finish” list behind the scenes…

ORC: Master Bedroom Reveal


You guys, I can’t believe we’re finally at the master bedroom reveal day of the One Room Challenge. We worked a ton of late nights, early mornings and every weekend for six weeks. We made dirty, dusty messes all over the house and on the front lawn too. We ate lots of take out, a ridiculous number of sweet treats and drank galloons of lattes. This transformation was totally bananas and totally worth it. Here’s a look at how all the details for the master bedroom project came together…

ORC Progress Update: Week Five

Latest Finds-11

You guys, you guys, you guys…this One Room Challenge is making me feel like the Mayor of Crazy Town! We have entered the phase of totally exhausted meets totally excited and things are getting so, so, so…real. Here’s a peek at our progress for week five and all the goodies we picked up on our recent shopping trip…

DIY Leather Pulls

DIY Leather Pulls-The Crowned Goat-12

If you had a chance to read yesterday’s post you’ve already seen the leather pulls we used on the boho chic inspired media cabinet for Hawk’s Ridge. I also knew we could make our own using basic items from our local craft supply store in an effort to a little bit of money for other projects we’re working on. Here’s a look at how we created DIY Leather Pulls and how you can too…

My Closet – One Year After Using the KonMari Method

KonMari Closet One Year Later-11

In December of 2015, I had had it. I was fairly tidy in all areas of my home with the exception of one space…my closet. I was basically dressing out of a laundry basket every single day because I hated putting my clothes away THAT much. It’s been a year since I started using the KonMari Method of Decluttering. Here’s a peek at how my closet looks today…

Don’t Miss the Moment


Happy Valentine’s Day, you guys! I must admit I struggled a bit in trying to decide what to write for today’s post. I didn’t want it to be too mushy, you know? Love is showing up at some of the most unexpected places and I’m more determined than ever not to miss the moment…even when they seem really scary.

Tips for Shopping Renninger’s Extravaganza

Shop Vintage Markets Like a Pro-15

In yesterday’s post, I shared 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a list of easy and mostly budget friendly gifts to celebrate the day. One of the first ideas on the list was “Take a Trip.” If you live in Florida or plan to visit and haven’t had the chance to explore Mount Dora yet, I highly recommend it. While you’re there, you should also experience the massive outdoor sale at Renninger’s Extravaganza which happens only three times a year. Here are a few tips for shopping the Renninger’s Extravaganza…

The Most Popular Post of 2016


The biggest post of 2016 was also one of the toughest to complete because it took almost every day of the six weeks we were given in the One Room Challenge to pull it off. It was the time we turned what was a completely ordinary office into an extraordinary place to work. Here’s a look back at our top post of 2016…

Santa’s Florida Kiss Cocktail


Each December we usually host some sort of end of the year party between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Depending on what kind of party we’re having we almost always have some sort of signature drink. This year our home is decorated with a lot of natural elements so we thought it would be fitting to give a nod to our fellow Floridians. In the process, we created Santa’s Florida Kiss. Here’s a look at what you need to make your own…

From the Front Porch


I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of smart, strong and talented ladies these past few weeks. As you know, most days I work from home so it feels really special to be surrounded by women that work extra hard to make each day amazing for their families, classrooms, patients, creatives and communities. This week I’ve been inspired by nature, blush, classy ladies and little luxuries. Here are a few things I’m loving from around the web…

Stenciled Feed Sack Pillow Covers


Feed sacks are great for the fall and winter season because you can use them for potato sack races at festivals, as blankets over hay bales for extra seating and pillow covers too. This project is so easy to complete it almost doesn’t need directions but just in case here’s a look at what you need to create a special stenciled feed sack pillow covers of your own….

Thoughts on Hurricane Matthew


It’s really hard to describe the roller coaster ride the last few days have been so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning. Early last week, we got our hurricane supply kits out to make sure everything had been restocked from Hurricane Hermine. We gassed up the cars on Tuesday night and headed to the grocery store sure the storm would miss us. Once we got home, we checked the weather report before going to bed and there was nothing more than heavy rain bands and tropical storm warnings forecasted for our area. Then Wednesday came…

Latest Finds From the Treasure Trail


It was so much fun to be able to hit the treasure trail last week. I have a certain loop around town I try to make on a regular basis. Over time, I’ve come to know the staff at each of these spots and have developed relationships with local vendors and businesses which makes shopping even more fun. Here are a few of my latest finds from the treasure trail…

Tips for Home Décor Shopping on a Budget


I get it. Antique malls, thrift stores, charity shops and even estate sales can seem overwhelming. But friends, let me tell ya it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned when shopping for thrifted and unique finds. These simple guidelines help me decide what I should bring home and what I should leave behind.