2014 Christmas Porch

Welcome to my 2014 Christmas porch! With the inside of the house completely decorated and festively dressed, I wanted to make sure the front porch was equally as ready to receive holiday guests this season.

121514-1-Christmas-Porch 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

I brought this fresh greenery all the way home from the cabin. I found it at one of those out of the way places where the shopkeepers are friendly and so excited to share their passions with customers. I bought more than just this door garland from the owner but I’ll have to keep that a secret until after the Christmas presents have been opened.

121514-2-Fresh-Greenery-for-the-Front-Door-623x1024 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

These galvanized wash bins usually see a lot of action during the spring and summer. I love the way they almost look like a tree stacked on top of each other.

121514-3-Galvanized-Wash-Bin-Christmas-Tree-768x1024 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

I look forward to snuggling up on a chilly night with lots of warm blankets. This vintage bike basket is the perfect storage container. My Mom found the chippy box underneath the bike basket for me. Yea, she’s amazing.

121514-4 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

It’s way to warm in Florida to ice skate but there’s just something about white ice skates that keep me dreaming of a white Christmas. I bought the garland several years ago at Michaels at an after Christmas sale.

121514-5-White-Ice-Skates-and-Berry-Garland 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

This matching wreath was on sale too.

121514-6-Berry-Wreath-663x1024 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

This little lady is ready to party. I made the pillows from flour sack towels, transfers and fabric pens. I’ll show you how to on Friday. They’re an easy afternoon project to make as gifts for teachers, neighbors or friends.

121514-7-Vixen-Christmas-Pillow 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

I found all of the plaid fabric on the porch at different thrift stores. It’s an inexpensive way to get a cozy look without spending a lot of money.

121514-8 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

One thing I really appreciate about this porch is how much room it has. I broke it up into zones this past fall and it has made a huge difference in the amount of time we spend out there.

121514-9 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

Each spot feels like a little nook.

121514-10 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

I found this International Book of Christmas Carols last year. This song Lieb Nachtigall, Wach Auf (Dear Nightingale, Awake) is an nod to my Dad. He gave us an early Christmas gift when he found my Mom’s treasured bubble lights. After multiple moves with the military, the lights had been missing for several years. We actually thought they were gone for good but he was going through an old box late last month and found them again.   My Mom was so excited. I wish you could have seen her face. It was pure joy.

121514-11-Christmas-Porch-Vintage-Wicker-Bench 2014 Christmas Porch Decorating Holidays

Thanks for touring my Christmas porch. See you back here on Wednesday for a tablescape perfect for the littles this holiday.

Many blessings,



  1. says

    CoCo – your front porch is so warm, cozy and inviting. I wish I could snuggle up with a pretty white blanket and that adorable Vixen pillow! Oh and don’t forget the hot chocolate!

    • CoCo says

      Thank you bunches Bobbi! It is so nice to be able to enjoy the porch and this awesome weather we’ve been having. I’ll serve you hot cocoa on the porch as soon as you come to visit 🙂

    • CoCo says

      Thanks so much Iris! I was really excited the bring the door garland home with me from the cabin. I’m living in the land of palm trees and oyster shells so I don’t have fresh greenery from my yard I can bring in to dress up the place. It was such a gift to be able to bring it back.

  2. says

    Your porch is beautiful! Girl, we have so many similar likes…love the vintage basket, chippy box, ice skates, tubs! Oh, and the pillows! Can’t wait until Friday to see the how-to!

    • CoCo says

      I’m glad you approve LiLi! The lady that sold this to us had so many wonderful things in her shop. We’re definitely going to be repeat customers.