Countdown to Valentine’s Day

I’ve been tossing around ideas for Valentine’s Day in my head for weeks now. My aunt hosts a Valentine’s party almost every year for our family. She decorates a brown paper sack with our names and puts stickers all over each bag. She makes one for every person in our family, which now hovers close to 50. The line of Valentine bags stretches across the entire living room and into the dining room. We grill out, play games and really have a good time. Each person leaves with a sack filled with candy, cards and goodies. It’s so much fun.

I was thinking about how to capture the fun I have at my aunt’s house a little closer to home. I was on Pinterest a few mornings ago when I saw this image

012915-1 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

And just like that in the most unexpected place the idea for the Countdown to Valentine’s Day idea was born. Since my heart is full of gratitude for all of the sweethearts that help me get navigate all the adventures life can bring, I wanted a way to pay it forward and speak words of love into their lives like they have mine.

To start you need an assortment of scrapbook papers and a pair of scissors.

012915-2 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

You can cut the papers into squares or just fold and tear like I did. Use glue or tape to adhere the papers to each other.

012915-3 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

I used stamps and a stamp pad to number each note. Here’s number one

012915-4 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

and this is number two.

012915-5 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

I also decided to make number 13 a completely different design since it would be the last day of the countdown. Day 14 comes bearing gifts.

012915-6 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

I decided to leave words of encouragement on the back of each note but you can write whatever strikes your fancy. I used stickers I had one hand for some notes and I hand wrote others.

012915-7 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

I used an old screen door, yarn and pushpins to hold the Valentine’s Day Countdown notes. I also used this same door for our 2014 Advent Calendar.

012915-8 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

Once you have your string and pushpins in place, it’s time to hang your Valentine notes. You can find tiny clothespin like these at the craft supply store.

012915-9 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

So there you have it, a sweet way to show someone in your life they mean a lot to you.

012915-10 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

You can use this idea for so many Valentine and love related things.   For example, something for your child to look forward to every day before school or maybe your bestie is going through breast cancer and you want to tell her every day she’s a beautiful fighter. Maybe your daughter is away at college. Perhaps you work a different shift than your spouse and you want to love leave notes to each other. The possibilities are endless!

012915-11 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

Love is action. It can be a lot of work sometimes but so is life. Every day we have the chance to speak words of encouragement, hope and love into each other’s hearts.

012915-12 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Crafts

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  1. says

    Dear CoCo – Your Countdown to Valentines Day is precious. You know i love vintage cards and handmade items…you’ve captured both for me. I especially love that you added words of encouragement to the back of the cards. Wonderful, heartfelt project!

    • CoCo says

      Valentine’s Day at my aunts house is definitely a packed house in the best possible way ha ha! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, they are always appreciated! Hugs!