Creating a Vintage Inspired Apple Picking Sign

I’ve been working to add a few fall touches around the house this week. It’s been a bit tough because there aren’t any pumpkins in the stores yet so I’ve had to get creative. As most of you know, we spend a good amount of our off time at the cabin. There are dozens of apple orchards on the way and we look forward to fried pies and apple picking every time we visit.

Golden is one of the coolest people on the planet. He lives close to the orchards and always has a story or two or twelve to share with us over a hearty breakfast. The crisp fall mornings spent at the cabin, the scenic drive we get to enjoy when the leaves change colors  and lazy afternoons eating farm fresh apples became the inspiration for this vintage inspired sign.

I have a really small attic so I don’t have a lot of room to store holiday decorations. I’m always looking for ways to repurpose and reuse items from one season to the next. I actually used the back of sign I made a few years ago to make this apple picking sign. Here’s a look at what the front side looks like


I left the back unpainted because it was just a piece of scrap plywood.


I used two coats of Americana Décor Chalky Paint that I had left over from upcycling the kneeling bench.


Next, I created the text I wanted to use in a Word document on my computer and printed each word out on my printer at home. The size font you use will depend on the size of your piece of wood. You can find a list of the fall inspired fonts I used, here.


Transferring the letters from the paper to the wood can be accomplished with a few easy steps. First, flip the paper over with the letters facing down. Using a number 2 pencil, color over the back of the letters. Make sure you get heavy coverage.


Second, flip the paper back over and place it where you want to transfer the graphic. After you have it secured in place with tape, trace the outline of each letter. Make sure to apply a good amount of pressure.


This will transfer the image directly onto the piece of painted wood.


Use this same technique to transfer different fonts and words all over your piece of painted wood.


After you’ve transferred the text you want to use in your sign, you’re ready to start using craft paint.


You’ll want to use different size art brushes, which can found at most craft supply stores.


Once the paint had finished drying, I sanded the entire piece with 220-grit sandpaper and I sanded the edges with 80-grit sandpaper because I wanted it to look weathered. I sealed the sign with furniture paste wax.


It took me most of the morning to finish the sign because I chose so many different size fonts but I’m really excited about the way it turned out.


I haven’t decided if I’m going to use it on the porch or on the mantel yet. It was a lot of work so it will definitely show up some place that’s front and center.

Vintage Inspired Apple Picking Sign


See you guys back here tomorrow.  I’m sharing a yummy apple panini recipe.

Many blessings,