Creating a Hot Drink Bar

As soon as November hits, I’m ready for cold weather. I want to wear cable knit sweaters, flannel pajamas and sip on hot drinks all day. The reality is that is rarely gets cold in Florida until late December and sometimes not until early January. Nevertheless, I embrace cold weather whenever I can and that includes sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, warm toddy or a cup of flavored coffee.

If can’t remember if I told you in Tuesday’s post that in the days leading up to the Lumberjack party it rained for 5 days straight. While this was a big problem for the farmhouse style table we were building for the back patio it also meant all the rain would usher in cold weather. The cold weather meant we would actually NEED a hot drink bar, which made me so excited!

I created this “Have a Cup of Cheer” sign using black poster board from the General Dollar, stencils from my craft stash,

010815-1 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

and a Chalk Ink pen.

010815-2 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

I knew I would offer hot chocolate, apple cider, and coffee with dessert. Having all of those options meant I needed extra containers and shakers for nutmeg, cinnamon and Dutch cocoa. I picked up these little Santa shoes at my secret shopping spot I call The Warehouse. I wanted to make cinnamon sticks available for the people that wanted cider but also peppermint sticks for those that wanted peppermint hot chocolate. They fit inside the Santa shoes perfectly.

010815-3 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

I’ve had this little glass container for a while. It’s held everything from Scrabble pieces to cotton balls to marshmallows.

010815-4 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

You can order the flavored syrups and syrup pumps online or pick them up at World Market.

010815-5 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

I picked up these straws at The Dollar Store. They add a festive touch for people that want to use the syrups for flavored cold drinks like raspberry ginger ale.

010815-6 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

I also found the wire glass drying rack at World Market. I’m putting it on the essentials list because it can double as a mug holder.

010815-7 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

I got this beverage cart last year for Christmas. It’s easy to move from the front yard to the back yard depending on the event. The bottom shelf is really nice because it can hold buckets of ice or extra party supplies so you don’t have to keep running inside for things.

010815-8 Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

One of my goals for 2015 is to entertain more so I’m excited to get to practice early with the Lumberjack party.

010815-9-Hot-Drinks-Bar-Essentials Creating a Hot Drink Bar Decorating Holidays

See you guys tomorrow for all of the details!

Many blessings,



  1. says

    CoCo – you have outdone yourself! I love your hot bev station but my absolute favorite thing is your “Cup of Cheer” sign! I know all of your guests loved this as you had something for everyone! On a side note – please send Santa mugs to me 🙂

    • CoCo says

      You give the best compliments lady! That sign was so easy to make and the Santa mugs almost became an obsession. It was so much fun to watch everyone drink out of them!

  2. Donna says

    Coco, so adorable! I love that cart too (a bazillions blogs could be written with that!! Such a fun creative idea and it’s the perfect weather for it!! Donna