Decorating for Spring with Vintage or Salvaged Finds

Over the past few years, it’s been so much fun to shop for vintage and salvaged finds. Each time I hit the treasure trail I really never know what I’m going to find which makes it that much more exciting. Sometimes, I’ll come home with exactly what I’m looking for and other times I’ll come home empty handed. Spring is a great time to shop antique malls like The Pickers Market, estate sales, charity shops and Spring festivals. Here’s a quick look at how you can celebrate Spring with Vintage and Salvage Finds:

Layer Old Windows or Frames – This old window frame used to have the coolest bubble glass panes. Even after one of the panes got damaged, I still couldn’t bear to throw it away so we used it on the mantle and then in one of the bedrooms as wall art.


Stack Up Collected Pieces of Ironstone – There is something about seeing a collection of ironstone that makes me swoon. It’s not always easy to find in this area so when I see a piece I love, I scoop it up!


Discover a New Vintage China Pattern – vintage china is relatively inexpensive making it the perfect complement for your Spring tablescapes inside and out


Display Your Favorite Baskets – thinking about Spring without thinking about baskets would be crazy town. These are a few of my favorites over the kitchen cabinets but don’t forget that baskets come in smaller sizes too.


Consider Painting Furniture in a Spring Inspired Color like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Duck Egg – This color is still one of the most popular in my booth!


Layer Spring Inspired Linens – Consider using vintage linens in new ways like this old apron we turned into a pillow. You could also make bunting, rag wreaths or napkins with old quilting scraps.


Find an Unexpected Use for Old Items – I’m sure at one time these springs were used as part of an old bed but we use them to help corral the mail. I’ve even seen them lined with decorative paper and filled with candy and snacks as part of birthday lunch buffet.


Incorporate Galvanized Metals – When you’re out shopping this season look for galvanized buckets, feeding stations, watering cans, troughs or garden accessories you can use indoors.


Decorate with Potted Plants – I use potted plants on the porches, tables and throughout the house. Before you bring a new plant inside make sure you understand the plant’s care needs to ensure a proper water and sun schedule.


Use Nature Inspired Elements – there are so many plants blooming right now and new bird families chirping in the yard. Take a nod from nature and use soft colors like greens and blues or use material like nests, sticks or moss to create a look you’ll love.


I hope these ideas have helped spark creativity with your Spring decorating ideas!

Many blessings,