Decorating with Baskets

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you have probably already figured out, I adore baskets. Seriously, I use them in every room in the house. They help me contain everything from magazines, to blankets, to flowers and pantry items.

Since we finished the office for the One Room Challenge we’ve been working to unify the spaces around the house by incorporating the same colors, patterns and textures in each room. All of the projects have been really budget friendly, some even free.

Once we changed out the brown and white transferware usually housed in the display cabinet, it left an empty shell in which to be completely creative. Styling shelves for a display cabinet is really no different than styling shelves for a china cabinet or even a mantel. I use these 5 simple steps when styling and creating vignettes for shelves:

visually divide the space into thirds

create a focal point

group favorite collections together

balance the look of the items on the shelf

vary heights and textures of your pieces

add a bit of nature with flowers, moss, leaves, branches, cork, shells or sea glass.

Do not stress, if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to get the look you want. I know we all make it seem effortless and sometimes, yes, things do fall right into place while other times it takes a bit to get your creative juices flowing. Take your time when layering each piece and give yourself lots of grace because that’s where the exciting things happen! Here’s a look at the display cabinet before…

061716-1 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

and decorating with baskets…

061716-2-851x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

I’ve been collecting ironstone and creamware for a while now. Both have a really versatile style and can fit nicely into almost any space.

061716-3-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

061716-4-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

Using fillers like corks will not only help preserve fun memories but will also help add texture to your shelves and vignettes.

061716-5-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

These vintage wooden fruit pieces add a bit of warmth.

061716-6-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

Stacking plates and bowls will help add varying layers of height while still maintaining the overall style you’re trying to achieve.

061716-7-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

It’s fun to see these different sized baskets grouped together in a fresh way.

061716-8-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

061716-9-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

061716-10-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

With the entire house dressed in neutral colors, I thought it would be fun to add these bird posters. I hung them in the dining room for the Spring last year and they’ve been hanging out in one of the bedrooms too. the chairs were previously used in the entry. The chair covers were floral but competed way too much with the bird posters so I left them deconstructed. I may recover them in black and white buffalo check I just haven’t decided yet.

061716-11-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

061716-12-682x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

Creating a home you love takes time, intention and effort but I promise it’s possible. With every new piece you bring in, rearrange, paint, stain or craft you’re home is becoming a reflection of the way you live. Keep making those changes no matter how big or small until you’ve created a place that truly makes you happy.

061716-13-803x1024 Decorating with Baskets Decorating

I hope you guys all have a safe and happy Father’s Day weekend. We have a great week coming up next week. I’ve been painting a few pieces of furniture so I’ll see you back here on Monday. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, Pinterest and on Instagram over the weekend.

Many blessings,



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    Looks great! Love the deconstructed chairs but black and white buffalo check would be amazing too. So you could make(or have made as I would do)form fitting slip covers and then you would have the best of both worlds!

    • says

      The posters were a gift from my Mom but they’re made by Cavallini & Co ( They have gorgeous papers so definitely check them out when you have time, Pam!

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      ha ha Mary Beth! He would LOVE you for saying that! I called him yesterday to check on him and he was ‘living the dream” watching golf with an ice cold coke and a pack of salty peanuts 🙂 I can’t wait to hug him in a few days. Hope your sweet hubby had a great day too. Hugs, CoCo