DIY Painted Nightstand

I hope you guys all had an awesome weekend. I’ve been spending time at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor so I have a lot of fun projects to share with you this week. If you’re new here, we’ve devoted the past year to breathing new life into the house. Almost everything from floor to ceiling has been replaced. It has taken tons of time, love and attention to bring the house back from the studs.

Lately, we’ve been visiting our hometown more and more often. What seemed totally doable for a retreat space no longer meets the needs of actually living there on a regular basis so my mom asked me to come to Loblolly and help her “tweak” a few things that felt unfinished.

We’ve tackled all sorts of projects from rearranging and organizing the kitchen to giving one of the bedrooms a fresh look. If you asked my mom how she wants the house to feel she would definitely say, “light, bright and airy.” A few of the spaces we’ve finished have been a home run but others felt like we were missing the mark at bit. There was one bedroom in particular that bothered her. In all honesty, I think we were so busy trying to get the bedroom finished by the holidays we stopped being intentional with our decorating choices.

We took a second look at the Pinterest board created for Loblolly and felt inspired to make this bedroom in particular a priority again. We basically took everything out of the room that wasn’t working or didn’t meet the vision for the space. Then we slowly started putting the bedroom back together again piece by piece with choices that felt “light, bright and airy.”

The original nightstand didn’t make the cut so we were on the hunt for a new one. My mom picked up this beauty shortly before I arrived…it was a whopping $5. I know, so exiting!

062716-1-769x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

The table was mostly in good shape save for a bit of crazing, water stains and a few chips.

062716-2-1024x682 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

The colors in the house are mostly grays, whites, off whites, moss green, pale pink and pops of turquoise. We’re changing the bedroom linens out which are mostly neutral so my mom chose a pretty color from Glidden called Bermuda Bay. You can find my DIY Chalk like paint recipe here.

062716-3-1024x682 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

 Right out of the can it was way brighter than what we expected!

062716-4-682x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

We were able to tone the color down a little by mixing in a bit of Old White.

062716-5-1024x694 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

It took a few tries before we got just the right color.

062716-61-682x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

Adding a layer of white wax helped to seal and tone it down even further.

062716-71-682x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

I know it’s just a table but wow, it immediately changed the feel of the room. Here’s a look at the nightstand that was previously in the room

062716-8-585x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

and the nightstand we chose that was more intentional.

062716-9-784x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

It definitely looks like it’s the one that should have been in the room all along.

062716-10-682x1024 DIY Painted Nightstand Painted Furniture

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing the rest of the bedroom makeover.

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      I know it ladies! I’m totally with you. I couldn’t believe she scooped that table up for $5 either. She was so excited to find it and wound up to be the perfect fit. Hugs, CoCo