The Easiest Way to Make Moss Placemats

The project for this post on the easiest way to create moss placemats is SO easy, it almost doesn’t even need an explanation let alone a tutorial. That being said, last year when I started The Busy Girl series I received so much feedback about those posts I realized that all of our schedules can be a little crazy and overwhelming at times. We want to have a tidy home but we don’t have all day to clean, we want our closets to be organized and understand decluttering is the key and also an investment, we’re trying to balance kids and work and aging parents and life and could someone just let me sit down for 5 minutes to rest my eyes, we want to have our girlfriends or our daughters over to hang out but we don’t always make hosting them a priority because we feel like a shuttle service to soccer and dance and doctor’s appointments. By the end of the day after seeing about everyone else’s needs…we’re all just tired.

Yet despite all of that we still want to have beautiful spaces with pretty pillows and a house that smells yummy. We want to create a sanctuary that welcomes us home after a long day so we can relax, unwind and snuggle up with the people we love most. We want small changes that make a big impact and we want these things to be something we can do quickly. Does that sound like your jam? If so, you’re in good company because that’s our jam too which brings me to the easiest way to make moss placemats…

How to Make Moss Placemats-1

The purpose of creating these placemats is to have something we can easily transition from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter and to be able to use them throughout the spring season. These are the supplies you will need:

1 Roll of Moss (We found an 18” x 48” roll of moss at Hobby Lobby. It was around $20 and we used our 40% off coupon)

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutting Tool

Ruler (We used a yard stick size)


These are the steps you’ll take to create 4 moss placemats:

This is what our roll of moss looked like in the package.

How to Make Moss Placemats-2

Unroll the moss on a flat surface like a kitchen table. Ours had a piece of thin paper attached to the back so look for that because yours may too.

How to Make Moss Placemats-3

Keep in mind, this project is messy and it is possible for moss bits to get on the floor so you may want to do this outside. Also use caution and care when creating this project around children or curious pets.

How to Make Moss Placemats-4

A moss roll that is 48” long will yield you 4 placemats that are 12” long. Make sure you place a self-healing cutting mat under the moss roll prior to cutting.

How to Make Moss Placemats-5

We used a ruler to mark off 12” and cut a small notch on the top and the bottom of the moss roll for each of the 4 sections.

How to Make Moss Placemats-6

Using caution and care as scissors and rotary cutting tool will be sharp, cut moss along each of the sectioned notches.

How to Make Moss Placemats-7

Using a straight edge will help you keep your placemat lines straight.

How to Make Moss Placemats-8

When you are finished you should have 4-12” rectangles. They’ll look like this…super easy, right? I know!

How to Make Moss Placemats-9

Just to show you how versatile these moss placemats will be this season, here are a few of our place settings. Most of them have either been picked up at thrift stores or antique malls. When I think of Spring I almost always think of pretty flowers…

How to Make Moss Placemats-10

How to Make Moss Placemats-11

How to Make Moss Placemats-12

How to Make Moss Placemats-13

But you can also pair these easy to make moss placemats with transferware too…

How to Make Moss Placemats-15

How to Make Moss Placemats-16

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be using on our Spring Inspired Tablescape…

How to Make Moss Placemats-17

See you guys back here tomorrow. We’ve been working on easy spring projects all week so we’ll put all of the elements together like the jadeite inspired cupcake stands and the spring succulent planter to create a spring inspired tablescape that can seamlessly transition from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter. Bonus, it’s Busy Girl Approved!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,