Fall Inspired Front Porch Tour

Do you guys ever have those moments where you feel really rich and it has nothing to do with money? Things like getting in your car on a Monday morning and realizing you already have a full tank of gas. Enjoying a pumpkin spice latte in the middle of a random weekday. Reading an entire magazine cover to cover uninterrupted. These things feel like luxuries especially when I’m having a crazed week.

You know what else feels like a luxury? Having lots of mums on the front porch for fall. It’s something I look forward to every year. Just seeing that little burst of color as I walk down the walkway makes me happy. We’ve been busy making lots of changes since the 2014 fall porch tour. Let me show you guys around…

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-1

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-2

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-3

We’ve spent the past few weekends giving the front porch a fresh new look. It all started when we decided to use Front Door Paint from Modern Masters to paint the front door. The paint color we chose was Elegant. It really helped to breathe new life into a door that has been hit hard by coastal rains, marsh winds, blistering heat and humidity over the years. I couldn’t be more excited about the way the front door turned out.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-4

In lieu of a fall wreath, I decided to use this vintage bag from the Federal Reserve. I picked up a few weeks ago. The magnolia branches and the goldenrod are foraged from different spots the property.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-5

After we painted the front door, we painted the trim, the columns and the porch floor too. We also cleaned and painted all of the wicker furniture.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-6

I’ve had this wicker couch for a few years now. I bought it at one of the Renninger’s Extravaganzas. The pillows are made from drop cloths, black craft paint and letter stencils. I found the faux yak pillows at my one of my favorite hunting spots. I’ve had the plaid blanket since last year. I love it, so I use it as many places as I can.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-7

I keep thinking I’m going to want to paint this old trunk but so far I’m digging the dark brown stain against the white wicker. Of course, you guys already know I love pie. I’ll also share my recipe for apple cider with you too.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-8

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-9

Last year, we broke the front porch up into zones and it made a huge difference.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-10

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-11

My bestie S built the bench at the end of the porch this past weekend from two old headboards. I’m so excited to have the extra seating and a more streamlined look. You may remember over the summer we had the glass table and chairs on the porch but it just took up too much space.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-12

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-13

Have I told you we have lots of apples and that I love magazines? It’s way too hot for snuggling with that blanket but I’ll be ready come late October or early November. I’m ready for popcorn and outdoor movies on a chilly night too.

2015 Fall Porch Tour -092415-14

Thanks so much for stopping by the porch tour today. Time spent doing what you love should definitely be added to the luxury list

2015 Fall Porch Tour - 092415-15

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my recipe for Baked Apple Butterscotch Bars.

Many blessings,



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      You guys are the sweetest, thank you so much! After I fell in love with the freshly painted front door, I didn’t have the heart to risk scratching it. I’m so glad I found the federal reserve bag too. I’m saving a spot for you girls so come on over! hugs, Coco

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      Thank you so much, Stacey! It was a lot of work but totally worth it. I can’t wait to see all of the pops of yellow, orange and white as I walk through the front door. They’re so close to blooming 🙂 Have a fun day, CoCo

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    Your porch is beautiful Coco! Y’all have been hard at work with the paint brushes! And I LOVE the new upcycle bench. Pie, cider, mags, movies, popcorn ~ you could charge admission for a seat 🙂 Bwg ~~~