French Linen Painted Buffet

If you’re reading this thinking “what the what – where are those awesome kitchen organization posts she mentioned last week? They’re half finished. I’m battling pneumonia and I want to make sure that I give you guys my best. I fear writing posts hopped up on meds and vapor rub would not be a good combination. My Granny has already called with an “elixir” recipe so then there’s that J I wrote these series of posts when they were finished right before Thanksgiving but didn’t have a chance to share because we were in full blown holiday mode. Given my current state these seem like a total blessing. Enjoy this week catching up on everything that’s been happening at Loblolly Manor and I’ll go grab another hot bowl of chicken noodle soup…


After the chairs had dried but before the seats were ready, we decided we would configure the best use of the dining room space. We tried out the rug, moved the bench and then set the chairs in place. The room seemed huge so we thought we would have enough room for a china cabinet on one wall and a buffet on the other. But has you can see, it got really tight in the dining room really quick.

011216-1 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

We measured as best we could without an actual table and realized we would only have room for one piece of furniture. Our original inspiration picture had a big chalkboard in it and that chalkboard was a non-negotiable. You may remember we finished our own chalkboard way back in August, which meant a buffet was our only option. It seemed easy enough at first but then we realized we only had 18 inches to work with. I know. The average sized buffet is from 20-22 inches.

011216-2 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

We were leaving Loblolly when we decided to stop at a local thrift store in my hometown we shop at called The Ranch. We stop in there a good bit to see what they have because sometimes you can find really good deals. And as it happened, we found THE perfect buffet. Ok, so it wasn’t actually a buffet, it was a dresser.

011216-3 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

A dresser that had a fake stained glass window. And a huge mirror.

011216-4 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

It took me it a bit to convince my mom this was “it.” I mean, this dresser was in rough shape. I don’t even know how these shoe prints even got up there? But I knew it would be perfect as soon as I saw it. Bonus, this would be buffet was only $40, which never happens anymore.

011216-5 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

It was late when I hauled it back home to the island. I had to beg myself to go to sleep because I was itching to work on it so bad. I rested until about 3 am and then I just couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got going on the day and at 3 am I started painting. This is after the first coat.

011216-6 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

I was pretty much walking around eating graham crackers and peanut butter thinking, “what have I done.”

011216-7 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

But by mid morning, things were starting to take shape. This is after two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.

011216-8 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

As you can see the fake stained glass window is gone. S helped me replaced it with chicken wire.

011216-9 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

I also sprayed the hardware with Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Bronze.

011216-10 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

The transformation is almost hard to believe. Here’s the before again…

011216-3 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

and after.

011216-11 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

I’m so proud of it. I sort of want to frame a picture of the before and put it right on top because it’s something you have to see to believe, right?

011216-12 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

The chalkboard was a perfect fit too.

011216-13 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

This is a sneak peek of how it will look with the dining room chairs once they’re covered and in place.

011216-14 French Linen Painted Buffet Painted Furniture

See you guys back here tomorrow. My dad built the farmhouse style table and I gave it a little paint love. It’s always a fun collaboration when you can work with your dad.

Many blessings,



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      I so appreciate your prayers, Kimm, thank you. I’m hoping to take some extra time to rest and heal and then come back stronger than ever. Thank you bunches for your kind words about the buffet. My mom is so proud to have it which makes me totally excited. Hugs, CoCo

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      Thank you so much ladies! Of all of the furniture pieces I’ve painted this one will definitely rank right up there in my top favorites too. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same piece. I’m so glad I was able to talk her into getting it. We love the way it stands out in the dining room now. Hugs, CoCo

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      Thank you, Nancy, I’m feeling better each day. I’m so excited the dining room is starting to take shape and we’re so close to having all of the final pieces in place. Once we get the lights up we’ll be good to go. Linking up later today. Hugs, CoCo

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    Oh my! Coco this is beautiful! I love the legs on this piece and all the other little details that make it so special. It’s amazing how big of a transformation was made. You couldn’t notice all the little carvings and details before. This is stunning and beautiful and perfect for your space! 🙂 Well done! I hope you have a great day!

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      I really appreciate your sweet words, Terry, thank you. I’m totally with you it was hard to see all those pretty details with just the wood finish. I’m glad the French Linen was able to bring her back to life. She definitely needed some extra loving. Hugs, CoCo

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      Such a sweet compliment, Angie, thank you. It is really hard to believe the before and after photos. I think adding the chicken wire and playing up all those pretty details made all the difference. Hugs, CoCo

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      Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say, sis, thank you. I’m so glad we were able to save it from the junk pile and use it at Loblolly. I still can’t get over the faux stained glass 🙂

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    Hi CoCo – what a beautiful transformation. Too funny with the foot prints.. although I think I have had to step on a few pieces in my storage now that I think about it. It is such a great piece with beautiful detail, can’t believe only $40! Hope you are having a great week and that you feel better. Can’t wait to see the table!


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      I appreciate it, Shayla, thank you so much. I’m definitely on the mend and feeling better each day. Were those footprints not totally crazy or what? We hardly ever find furniture that reasonably priced anymore so I’m excited that we able to give this piece a little love. Hugs, CoCo

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    So sorry to read of your illness, CoCo. Hope you’re on the mend and feeling better real soon!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful transformation of your dresser turned buffet. It’s amazing what vision and paint (and a whole lot of talent) can do. I had thought I was over Annie Sloan paint, but you’ve made me want to run out and buy a can of French Linen. 😉 Take care! Cynthia

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      You’re sweet, Cynthia, thank you! I’m definitely feeling better each day. I know what you mean about the chalk paint but you’re totally right that French Linen gets me every time too 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words, CoCo