Front Door Paint with Modern Masters

A very special thank you to Modern Masters for partnering with us on this post.

As I’ve shared many times in the past, the porches have become some of my favorite places to be on the property. The front porch is especially nice because it’s big enough for lounging yet small enough to feel cozy when we’re welcoming guests or entertaining. Both porches are outdoor extensions of our indoor living spaces and we enjoy them each day.

It all started last year when I was decorating the front porch for fall. It was a very slight change but I noticed the front door was starting to fade. I thought it was just the way the sun was shining on the door so I brushed it off at first.

092315-1 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

But every time I walked through the door I started to notice more and more things, like scratches from the dogs,

092315-2 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

and paint scrape marks from carrying in a white dresser.

092315-3 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

This past year the weather has been extremely rough on the porches. The salt air, marsh winds and coastal rains have caused the front door to become faded and worn. I took this shot just two weeks ago.

092315-4 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-5 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

While I was at Haven I had to chance to meet the great people from Modern Masters. They have all sorts of awesome products. But there was one product in particular I was in desperate need of, paint from the Front Door Paint Collection. I read through the highlights: Never-Fades Guaranteed! Our Water Base, Quick Dry Formula allows you to finish painting and close your door the same day! Ok, this sounds almost too good to be true, I thought. I must have looked a little skeptical even after seeing the variety of available colors and holding the samples. They were all gorgeous but I needed a paint that delivered through blistering heat, ridiculous humidity and hurricanes. “I live in California,” one of the representatives said. “I live in Florida,” said another. It was like sweet music to my ears.

092315-6-1024x682 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

A few weeks after Haven, I was standing on my front porch trying to decide between a beautiful shade of red called Sophisticate and classic black called Elegant. Thankfully, Modern Masters offers a front door app that helped to make the decision so much easier. The app is really simple to use. After trying out both colors on the app we chose the classic black in Elegant because it most reflected our style on the inside and outside of the house.

092315-7 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

The Front Door Paint arrived in a small box so if you’re traveling from one home site to the next, it’s easy to transport. The back label of the paint also gives clear instructions of how to prep the front door for painting. I was shocked at the amount of dirt and grime that had built up on the door.

092315-8 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

The consistency of the paint is really nice. It almost feels like a gel because the paint holds onto the bristles of the paintbrush without dripping. In fact, we didn’t have one drip the entire time we were painting the front door.

092315-9 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-10 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

The container of paint is also manageable enough to hold while painting. This is a great feature if you’re in small or tight spaces without a lot of room for a ladder or work surface area.

092315-11 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-12 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

The Front Door paint easily transitioned from larger spaces to small ones, like the crevices in the panels of the door.

092315-13 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-14 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

This is half way through the top portion and even though the paint is still wet on the right hand side you can already see a big difference.

092315-15 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-16 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

We used two full coverage coats of the Front Door Paint allowing for proper drying time between each coat and I have to say, our door looks like a brand new door. Just a reminder, this is how our front door looked a few weeks ago

092315-4 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

and after using Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Elegant.

092315-17 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

092315-18-1 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

I know, right, so exciting! Front Door Paint is available at, selected Lowe’s stores nationwide and the Modern Masters online shop. Modern Masters also provides helpful minute videos like How to Paint Your Front Door and Front Door Makeover and tutorials like Front Door Paint Step-by-Step How-to Tutorial too.

Thank you again to Modern Masters for partnering with me on this post and helping to breathe new life into my front door. I couldn’t be happier with this paint. All experiences and opinions for this project are my own.

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my 2015 Fall Porch Tour. Here’s a sneak peek.

092315-19 Front Door Paint with Modern Masters DIY

Many blessings,



    • says

      Thanks so much ladies! I know you both know first hand how easy it is to work with this paint. I’m so happy we used this paint because it helped spur us on to give the entire porch an update. Hope your day is super awesome, CoCo

  1. says

    It is AMAZING what a fresh coat of paint can do for a door! It looks great! I am so glad that you wrote about this because the hubby and I have been chatting about whether or not we want to paint our front door a different color. I was actually thinking either a black, dark grey or a bright red. Don’t want to go too extreme with color since we will be moving next year. Now I know where we can start looking when it comes to paint choices. Thanks! 🙂 ♥Angeline

    • says

      We were SO close to painting the door in this beautiful red called Sophisticate. We ultimately chose the Elegant (black) but Modern Masters has both beautiful reds and gray as well. I can’t wait to see which color you chose. I feel like it changed the look of our whole front porch. Hope your day has been a fun one, Coco

  2. Lindsey says

    What a difference! I was just looking at options to paint my front door. It doesn’t look tired, it looks dead. I will definitely check them out. Hopefully the paint can withstand Luther! I’m thinking light coastal blue. Any suggestions?

    • says

      You saw the pictures of my front door, Lindsey, wow, it was bad. This paint is really easy to use and they have an app so you can “try out” the paint colors right from your electronic device. You should definitely check it out. Hugs, Coco

  3. says

    Simply marvelous! Looks amazing. I will keep an eye out for this paint and try the app as well. We have 2 front porches and both doors need help. Also I’m hoping to redo the floor in the foyer sometime soon so I would love the door fresh and new for that transformation. Just don’t tell Sean…



    • says

      This paint is so easy to use, Brooke! Once we painted the front door we realized we were going to have to paint the columns, trim, floor and everything around the door. It all just looked really tired. The door feels so fresh now. Maybe you better make some cookies for Sean, you know, soften him up 🙂 hugs, CoCo

  4. says

    This is an incredible transformation! I’m not familiar with the Modern Masters product, but I’m definitely intrigued. Paint and close your door in a single day?! That’s a great selling point, especially for something like a front door, when you need it to be usable as soon as possible.

    • says

      I was worried about the same thing first too, Jamie! One of my little dogs is 15 so we’re in and out of that front door all the time. I needed to use something that would be finished in the same day and wouldn’t be hard to use or clean up. I’m secretly hoping we can use it on our back door too 🙂 Hugs, Coco