Hot Cocoa Bar Essentials

One of the things I love most about this time of year is how festive everything feels. There seems to be a bit of excitement in the air and a hint of anticipation for what’s to come. I love breaking out my sweaters, warm socks and flannel pajamas. Some days, I have to pretend I feel a chill but other days I see the red on the thermometer nearing 65 degrees and I know it will soon be time to put away my beach towel for the season.

I love being outside yet I love to nest just as much. We have an indoor coffee bar that stays up all year. I look forward to a steaming cup of coffee every morning. Each morning, I stand at the coffee pot and think of things I’m thankful for while holding my cup. It’s a great way to start the day off in a positive way. And you know what they say…attitude is everything.

On the days I’m not traveling and we’re having company over, I like to leave a hot cocoa bar out to enjoy as well. I usually use this dresser by the breakfast table area. It’s convenient to the three spaces we use the most when we’re able to enjoy a cozy fire.

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I try to keep a few essentials on the hot cocoa bar like: mugs, hot water, flavored syrups, hot cocoa mix, salt, dutch chocolate powder, cinnamon, marshmallows, candy canes, caramels, spoons and straws. It’s always fun to see the different concoctions people make.

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Cookies and cocoa are my favorite combination. I’m always on the lookout for Santa mugs. You can find the mug rack at World Market. I’ll show you how to make a few gingerbread cuties next week.

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You can easily add a coffee or tea option to this bar as well. I shared the recipe for this hot chocolate mix last week. It’s so good.

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The Keurig makes it easy to keep hot water on hand especially if you want to serve multiple drink options to your guests.

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Also if you want to be super sweet to them, you may want to consider offering something other than hot chocolate like a coquito or eggnog for those who want a more adult libation wink wink.

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Even if you’re not having friends over, a hot chocolate bar can be a special treat for the whole family. As always, make sure to help the littles when pouring/using hot water. Taking the time to show someone you care by giving the gift of your time is always appreciated. And isn’t that what this season is all about?

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See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll show you how to make a coquito. It’s super easy to make and so good!

Many blessings,