How to Create a Vintage Trophy Look

One of my favorite things to collect is vintage trophies. They are not very plentiful in this area at all.   In fact, every time I find a vintage trophy I make sure to scoop it up because I never know when I’ll come across another again. I’ve let the ladies on “The Loop” (the route I shop each week) know that I’m looking for them too. They were so sweet to hold several vintage horse platter trophies for me.

I’m telling you guys, if there is something specific you’re looking for and you shop the same places each week develop a relationship with the staff so they can watch out for what you need. It saves a lot of leg work and gas running around.

Now that I’m good to go on trophy platters, I’m specifically on the hunt for loving cup style trophies. A few weeks ago when I bought this piece at an estate sale I also bought this piece. At the time my bestie S was like, “I don’t get it” which totally gave me the giggles.

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-1Sure, the plastic mix of ferns, ivy and dust were probably a bit off putting but the shape of the vase looked almost identical to the loving cup trophies I’m constantly searching for….see what I mean?

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-2

I knew this vase wouldn’t look exactly like a trophy but I thought I could get it pretty close. Here’s what you’ll need to create a vintage trophy look too…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-3


Loving cup style vase

Silver metallic paint

1 inch paint brush

Dark wax

Clear wax (optional)

Lint free cloth


Make sure your vase is free from dirt and debris, then start painting the vase with metallic paint.

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-4

This is after one coat…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-5

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-6

and this is after two…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-7

Allow to dry completely then apply the dark wax directly to the painted vase with a lint free cloth.

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-8

You’ll really want to make sure to get the dark wax into all the little nooks and crannies by massaging the wax into the vase. If you find yourself needing an “eraser” clear wax will to the trick just remember a little goes a long way.

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-9

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-10

Make sure you’ve allowed the wax plenty of time to harden and cure before handling.

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-11

Here’s a look at the vase mixed with vintage trophies…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-12

and ready for fall…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-13


Create a Vintage Trophy Look-14

or every day…

Create a Vintage Trophy Look-15

I know it’s sometimes hard to see past the “what is” for “what can be” but honestly that’s the most amazing part of being able to make something your own. The next time you’re at a thrift store, charity shop or estate sale trying giving vessels and containers a second look. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

See you guys back here tomorrow for another fun post. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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    That turned out beautifully Coco! I love the look you gave it… a 100% better than the gold 😉 It looks so pretty mixed in with the other silver pieces. Good job snapping that one up! Hope your week is off to a great start. Hugs, Lisa

    • says

      I appreciate it, Lisa! I think the reason so many people passed it by was all those plastic plants ha ha. It was over flowing. Hope your week has been a happy one, big hugs, CoCo