How to Make a Cozy Guest Bed

My Mom is the queen of making a proper bed. I could pick her cozy made bed out of a lineup any day of the week. She has one secret on how to make a guest bed feel warm and comfortable. You want to hear it? Layers, she says, lots and lots of layers.

I make my bed every morning. It drives me bananas if I leave home and the bed has not been made. Totally bananas. I was at my parent’s house aptly named Bliss Barracks a few weeks ago helping my mom clean up from another weekend of company. I was totally shocked at the amount of linens she was laundering. She had piles sheets and duvets all the way down the hall going into the laundry room. I probably have 4 layers of bedding but every bed in her house looks like something out of a fairytale, so I thought I would share her secrets from start to finish.

Of all the guest rooms in the house, I would say this room gets the most use. It’s light and airy feel makes me want to curl up with a good book or a magazine every time I visit.

How to Make a Cozy Guest Bed - The Crowned Goat

The first layer of cozy guest bed, provided you already have a comfortable mattress, is a dust ruffle. If you have a bed frame that doesn’t allow a dust ruffle, no worries move on to a fitted sheet. Buy the best quality thread count you can afford.


Next lay the flat sheet wrong side down on top of the fitted sheet and tuck in the sides of the flat sheet. My mom normally irons the top sheet but we had 6 beds to make this particular day so I gave her a pass. This is also the time she adds a light fresh linen spritz over the sheets.


After the flat sheet is down, add a lightweight quilt or bedspread. This one is textured so it really stands out nicely.


Fold the quilt about ¾ of the way down the bed.


Fold the top of the flat sheet until it just reaches the top of the edge of the quilt/bedspread.


Add a thick duvet at the bottom of the bed folded in thirds so it’s easy to pull up and over your body if you decide to take a nap


Now for the pillows…my mom LOVES pillows so she piles them up! These two pillows are covered in vintage pillowcases.


The next layer of pillow is two shams that have a similar texture to the quilt/bedspread without being an exact match.


Pillow row number three is the shams that are the exact match of the duvet at the end of the bed.


This single pillow also has a quilted texture. The print of this pillow contains little tiny rosebuds which is an element repeated in the flat and fitted sheets.


Finally, this throw pillow is a lot smaller than the other pillows but it has the same amount of texture as featured in several of the other pillows.

How to Make a Cozy Guest Bed - The Crowned Goat

If this is way too many pillows for you, seriously, don’t even sweat it. Have one row of good quality pillows, one row of quality shams, put a throw pillow in the middle and call it a day. I gotta admit, I like lots of pillows too.


See what I mean? Makes me want to snuggle up every time.

How to Make a Cozy Guest Bed - The Crowned Goat

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing a free bread wrapper printable and my recipe for pumpkin bread.

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      I swear every bed in her homes make me feel like Princess and the Pea! It would be so nice to just lazy the day away 🙂 I’ll pass on all of your kind words. Hugs, CoCo