How to Make a Faux Milk Glass Cake Stand

As I shared yesterday, creating an indoor drink and treat station is an easy way to welcome guests or celebrate with friends and family. You can start out with a cider bar for Fall, add a bit of hot chocolate and peppermint to the mix for Winter and by Spring you can add your favorite chai. We’re always looking for small ways to celebrate each day. It’s hardly ever anything grand or fancy mind you, just little touches around the house that makes everything feel warm and cozy.

For THE longest time I’ve been on the hunt for white vintage cake stands. Cake stands or treat stands are some of those pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional and can be used in so many different ways. After searching for a few months and coming home empty handed, I finally decided to try my hand at making a vintage style cake stand. They were crazy easy to make and were pretty inexpensive too. Here’s what you need to create your own DIY Faux Milk Glass Cake Stands…


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Etched Glass Plates (make sure there is no rippling or etching near the center as you will need a flat surface so the glue will hold)

Etched Glass Vases (make sure they have a flat rim at the top)

Glue Formulated for Bonding Glass (I used E6000)

White Spray Paint (formulated to stick to glass)


Drop Cloth

Respirator Mask

Safety Goggles


I found all of these pieces at local thrift stores and charity shops. Not one of these pieces cost over $2 but I did see some pieces as high as $5. The price will almost always depend on the region/area of the country you live. You can usually find bottles like this in the vase section and the glass plates in the kitchen section.


Before you start this project you’ll want to make sure to completely clean and dry each piece very well. Cut glass like this usually has a lot of little nooks and crannies so take extra care with this step. I’ll show you why in just a bit…


Make sure you flip all glass pieces over prior to spraying. Also take extra care to protect and cover the tops of each glass plate. You want to make sure that NO SPRAY PAINT or OVERSPRAY gets on the top of the glass plate as spray paint is NOT food safe.


In a well ventilated area, wearing a protective mask and safety goggles, spray several thin coats of your favorite white spray paint on each glass piece allowing plenty of drying time in between each coat. I’m using white chalky finish spray paint which you can order here or purchase at your local craft supply store using a coupon. If you want more of milk glass look you should consider a glossier finish like this white spray paint as actual milk glass has a bit of shine to it.



This process will take several hours.




Once each piece has completely dried (at least 24 hours), rough the flat rim of the vase up a bit with sandpaper then apply glue that has been specifically formulated to bond glass (I used E6000 which you can find at your local craft supply store or here) to the flat rim of the top of the vase. This will become the base of your cake stand.


Use caution and care when placing the painted glass plate on top of the painted glass vase. Allow the glue to bond completely before using. You’ll also want to make sure you clean the top of each plate with a 50/50 combination of water and distilled vinegar prior to using. Do not get the vinegar and water mixture on any of the painted portions of your cake stand as it will cause the paint to peel/chip/flake.




I let my cake stands sit for about 72 hours before I placed anything on them. Just to be on the safe side, I used a doily on the cake stands that had food on them because you can never be too careful.


This is the reason you have to clean each piece really well. You see that little bit of dirt caught in the crannie?


As I was setting up the cider bar I couldn’t believe it took me so long to try to make my own cake stands. They’re going to be pretty displayed in a china hutch, on our fall tablescape in the breakfast nook and used in our treat station too.


If you’re on a budget or want the look of vintage cake stands to use in holiday decorating but don’t the time to keep shopping for the real thing you should definitely consider giving this a try. I’m in love!


See you guys back here tomorrow.I’ll share a bit about how I moved a few things around in the breakfast area to give that little nook a fresh new look. Until then, I’ll see you Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,