How to Make a Simple Valentines Gift Container

I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about romance, love, friendship and all that good stuff but I’m hoping there’s some room for practical Valentine gifts too. While I myself appreciate practical gifts any time of the year, I know they can be controversial especially for Valentine’s Day. That being said, this Simple Valentines Gift Container is really easy to make and is another gift idea that can be filled and customized specifically for your special Valentine. Here’s a look at how you can make this gift container too….

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-1

I found this tin at the thrift store for $1.50. The tin is actually a reproduction and has been made to look old but really isn’t very old at all. I chose it because I like the shape so make sure you look around and find a shape that you like too.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-2

If you plan to do make this container, it’s important you keep two things in mind: one you need a clean container and two you need a good quality spray paint.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-3

This is the first time I’ve tried this brand and it ran a little more than I would have liked but it provided the coverage I needed so there’s a silver lining.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-4

This is after two coats, waiting 30 minutes between each coat and no primer.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-5

Once the tin has completely dried, you can decide how you want to decorate your container. I chose gold glitter paper and a heart shape but you can do whatever you want from something farmhouse inspired to your anniversary dates.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-6

No worries, if you don’t have a stencil on hand. You can also trace the shape a cookie cutter or a pancake mold.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-7

Turn the glitter paper over and trace around the shape. Then using caution and care as scissors will be sharp, cut out the shape you chose.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-8

Attach the shape to the lid of the simple Valentine’s tin using your glue of choice. Make sure the glue you are using is appropriate for the container’s material (i.e., paper vs metal vs wood or plastic).

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-9

Line the tin with parchment paper or a cloth napkin

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-10

then begin filling the Valentine tin with special things for the recipient. You can create a movie night tin,

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-11

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-12

a tin filled with heart shaped bath bombs

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-13

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-14

or you may want to consider filling the tin with a fun lunch to take to the beach, on a hike or your favorite park. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-15

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-16

After your Valentine has finished with the contents of this simple gift, they can continue to use the container to store love letters, movie and concert tickets, special photos, invitations basically all of the treasures you guys have collected together throughout the year. It’s going to be like a love inspired time capsule! Before you think I’m getting too mushy teachers can put school supplies in this container; your bestie can keep her makeup organized with this container or your family members can use this container to house all of the exciting adventures you’ve been on this year.

Create a Simple Valentines Gift Container-17

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m filling this container with sweet treats that even The Busy Girl can appreciate. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,