Office Work Island

Before this One Room Challenge process ever began, I knew there were three things I needed in the office…more light, better storage options and finally, a work surface that wasn’t my breakfast table.

You may remember I was previously using this work island in my office. It was a great size and fit most of my needs. However, it took up a lot of room. Plus, using it as a work desk and a crafting work station started taking a toll within the first few months.


I made it work over the years but let me tell ya, I was super excited about getting a new work island once we decided to take on the office makeover. We’ve been really cost conscious with all of the projects so far and this work island is no exception. I enlisted my bestie S to help me build the island using some of the products that were already in the garage.

I wanted the look of a planked table but reclaimed wood is not easy to craft on so we found some paneling at Lowe’s that looked like planked boards. It was around $15, which made it a cost effective option. S used liquid nails to attach the planked paneling to the door that used to be the top of my desk. Here’s a look at the desk…


and this is how my entry looked for a few days


as this piece was married


with this one.


Once the top was ready, S was able to build an apron on the bottom of the door


which also gave us a place to help secure the counter height legs we planned to use. They were left over from a previous project and were just hanging out in the garage waiting on us. After the apron and base were secured, S was able to build a casing around the top of the door and paneling to give it a more finished look.


We caulked the edges/space between the paneling and the casing too.


As soon as I saw the finished product, I was literally squealing in the driveway, pulling out all of my old cheerleading moves and high fiving everything that was available because I was so excited. It was kind of like the bookcases…you dream it up but you have no idea if it’s actually going to come out like you envision…and then it does and you want to sob in the middle of the project because you are just. so. proud.


Of course, you don’t do any of that because you are a total professional and you trust that everyone is bringing their best gifts…which means you trust their skills so bawling in the driveway is not an option.

Once the work island was finished, the baton was officially passed to my painting skills. I wanted a weathered look but not one that would compete with the planked paneling. At first I tried a combination of clear and dark wax. But it wasn’t the look I was going for.


Then I tried straight dark wax without any clear wax at all but that wasn’t it either. I was starting to have flashbacks of the dresser, oh my word, here we go again! I had to use 120 grit sandpaper in order to bring the four legs back to the same color base.


I’ve learned if you want to achieve a weathered look you gotta have a little gray, brown alone won’t be enough. I started painting the legs with the last bit of French Linen I had in the can. I mean, I was scraping the bottom and the consistency was very watery.


I allowed the French Linen to dry just enough where it started to penetrate the wood. Then I used a piece of 000 grade steel wool I had soaked in water and worked the wool into the wood grain


and wiped the excess away with an old cloth. This process is very messy so make sure your area is covered and you’re using gloves to apply this technique. I took mine off to take these pictures.


Messy but totally worth it…how gorgeous are these “weathered” legs?


I liked the look of the dark waxed pine legs but it was just too rustic for the elegant way this office makeover is coming together.


The work island now stands at a sleek 84 inches long, 29 inches wide and 36 inches high. I can start on one project on one end and another project on the other end with plenty of room in between.


There is also plenty of space to walk around the rest of the room now since this work island is not as wide as the previous one. I’m planning to order two stools to tuck underneath it to help keep seating streamlined. Can you guys believe this is actually starting to look like an actual office?


See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in communication lately that I want to share with you.

Many blessings,