Painting a Mobile Workstation

On the same weekend I bought this piece


I also bought this piece.  After both items were placed in the back of our old pick up truck, the manager of The Warehouse gave me a warm hug and shook her head, “Only you would pick this stuff out, CoCo.”


I happily headed back home without a clue as to what to do with this little stand and only a slight idea as to what to do with the workbench.  Since the workbench was the most time consuming, I started painting it first.  I honestly thought I would be able to part with it.  I had every intention of making it a centerpiece at my booth inside The Pickers Market.  But once I finished it, I sort of fell in love.  We’re in the midst of redoing our back patio area and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a spot for it there.

041015-17 Herboriste Potting Bench - The Crowned Goat

With the workbench turned potting station completed, I turned my attention to the mobile workstation.  I really like the simplicity of how the workbench turned out and I know my customers will as well.  It was my inspiration for the workstation.  The top it was covered with black over-spray and all sorts of stuff.


As soon as I saw it I knew it would need some attention from my trusty friend, Zinsser but that didn’t deter me from buying it all.


I used one coat on the entire piece and after that coat had fully dried I applied a second coat on the top portion.


Next I used two coats of the same color I used on the potting station, Valspar’s Fleecy.


I really liked the way the black lettering of the potting station turned out but the area I needed to stencil is relatively small.  I found a set of stencils I totally forgot I had in the garage and thought I would be able to use those but they were way too big.


So I used a set I picked up at a local home improvement store.


I used the same set for the conversation bar stools too.


Florida history dictates, the town of Fernandina was named in honor of King Ferndinand VII of Spain on January 1, 1811, while still a part of the Spanish province of East Florida. Given that my booth is in Fernandina, I thought it was the perfect fit.  I traced the inside of the stencil with a yellow colored pencil but you can also use colored chalk.  Then I colored inside the stencil with black craft paint.  I lightly distressed and sealed the entire piece with clear furniture paste wax.


This workstation is similar to the potting station in that you can use it for so many things like potting plants, coffee bar, drink station for parties or as staged here a baking station. The rolling pin was sent to me by one of my IG friends (Thanks, Gail) and the rest of the items I keep close by in the kitchen because I’m always baking.

Painted Mobile Workstation

I delivered this mobile workstation to my booth on Tuesday before heading out to treasure hunt.  I didn’t find tons of stuff but I did come home with a few smalls and a nightstand/tv console table. The whitewashed nightstand I had in the booth sold last weekend.  I’m hoping to paint the piece as soon as we finish giving the back porch a makeover.  I’ll keep you posted.

Painted Mobile Workstation

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      Thank you bunches, Bobbi! I’m hoping the customers will love it too. It’s a little different from what I normally have available so it will definitely be a good test run.