How to Personalize Pumpkins with Paint

Just before Hurricane Matthew hit a good portion of the East Coast, you may remember I had the porch decorated and ready for the season. I had been collecting special pieces for the porch here and there as I found them over the past few months and it was exciting to see how everything came together.

One of my favorite projects from the fall front porch tour was the personalized painted pumpkin featured by the front door. It was a simple project to complete and is a great alternative to carving a pumpkin. It’s also a project that would be fun in a group setting with friends, family members and neighbors too. So put on a big pot of chili, break out the corn chips, snuggle up in your sweater and invite everyone over. It’s that easy! Here’s a look at what you’ll need to create a custom pumpkin of your own…



Pumpkin (I used a Face Pumpkin but you can use any size pumpkin you want based on the design you’re planning)

Paint color of your choice

2 in brush for broad strokes

Detail art brush kit for smaller strokes

Craft paint colors of your choice

Stencils or an image that can be easily transferred with graphite pencil, paper and ball point pen

Drop cloth or brown craft paper


You’ll probably want to use a drop cloth or brown craft paper to catch any drips or messes. Make sure your pumpkin in clean and free from dirt and debris.


Then paint an entire pumpkin the color of your choice. I painted my pumpkin with General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White because I had it left over from the kitchen makeover.


This was after one coat…


This was after three…


Once the base coat of your pumpkin is completely dry, you can either use store bought stencils to customize the pumpkin or you can use the easy transfer method if you have a specific image in mind. I wanted to make mine silhouette style so I’m using a combination of the easy transfer method and store bought stencils. First, I printed out The Crowned Goat’s logo from my home computer but you can print out an image you like just keep in mind you can’t use an image that is copyright protected.


Flip the image over and use a graphite pencil and shade over the entire image.


Flip the image back over, center on the pumpkin and secure in place.


Then using a ball point pen, outline the image you’re trying to transfer to the pumpkin.


The image transfer may be light but it will look like this…


At this point you can either, trace with a permanent marker like a Sharpie or you can use a detail brush with craft paint of your choice to outline and fill in the transferred image.


Make sure the paint or marker is completely dry before handling.


There are so many fun ways to customize your painted pumpkin! You can do a silhouette of your kids, your dog, your house, your favorite number, your name, your hometown…the possibilities are endless.



See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share my latest dresser makeover. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,