Reindeer Flour Sack Towels

Remember all of the reindeer pillows from Monday’s post? It was a rainy day at the cabin when I decided I needed to find something to keep myself busy. I was out of magazines and books. I’d watched a holiday movie almost every night and I had already had my fair share of long naps. So we headed into town to find something small that I could craft.

I searched every store I could think of because I wanted to cross stitch Christmas ornaments. Multiple stops later the small ornaments I had in mind did not seem to exist. I’ll blame it on that small town charm kind of thing.   I finally found myself in the sewing aisle of a big box store quickly losing motivation to create. I settled on heat transfers and headed over to the kitchen section to grab 2 packs of flour sack towels. Then I read the fine print of the transfer package and realized I better grab fabric markers before I left the store. After a quick lunch, I made it back to the cabin only to realize there was no iron. It was just as well because it finally stopped raining and we were able to go on a hike instead. I packed the supplies in my suitcase and carried the flour sack towels home so I could make them in Florida.

121514-11-Christmas-Porch-Vintage-Wicker-Bench1 Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Reindeer Towels no matter what state you’re living in:

Supplies List:

Flour Sack Towels

Fabric Markers

Reindeer Transfer Package


Ironing Board

I started by cutting out each image I wanted to transfer to the flour sack towel. There were 8 reindeer images total.

121714-21 Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

I placed the image in the center of the folded towel (you can secure the paper image with pins) ink side down. I followed the instructions on the back of the packet for the appropriate heat setting and proper amount of time needed for the image to transfer to the towel. The iron will be hot so use necessary precautions.

121714-3 Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

Once the reindeer image was transferred, I allowed the towel to cool. It didn’t take very long at all.

121714-41 Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

Then I used fabric markers to outline and in some cases color inside the reindeer. This is the step you get to be totally creative and make it your own.

121714-51 Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

I decided to use the flour sack towels as pillows to help make the front porch festive but they’re just as cute to use in the kitchen as tea towels. I was able to finish this project in one afternoon, which makes it even better. This is an easy gift for friends, teachers or neighbors. I placed a Cupid towel in a basket with a mug, marshmallows and hot chocolate mix but you could also place a Blitzen towel in a gift bag with an adult beverage!

121714-6-Reindeer-Flour-Sack-Towel-Gift-Bakset Reindeer Flour Sack Towels Crafts Holidays

Many blessings for a craft filled weekend!



    • CoCo says

      Thank you bunches Vicki! I found all of these materials at Walmart so you probably will be able to do the same. The package says “each design good for several stampings” which leads me to believe you can use the transfers more than once 🙂 good luck with your crafting!

  1. says

    Sometimes the crafting energy goes to just finding the idea and the stuff! Coco, your “hunting and gathering” craft foraging was a success, and these are adorable. I seriously want to color with you 🙂 So many cute ways to use these. I think tucked into the ties of my apron for kitchen time is the way I will use them. Thanks for the inspiration! Bwg ~~~

    • CoCo says

      I was supposed to be resting and relaxing ha ha it’s just so hard to sit still sometimes! I’m glad you like them. Thinking of them tucked inside your apron strings makes me so happy. Hugs, CoCo