Reorganizing the Hall Closet for Games and Craft Supplies

One of the goals I have for this year is to get my home more organized and the spaces more functional. I’ve been working toward this goal off and on for several years and I made a lot of progress in 2014. But there is something about this year in particular that makes me feel even more hopeful that it will finally all come together.

I’ve been using a simple goal setting method that’s been helping me not only set goals for 2015 but to achieve them as well. Here are the steps I’m using with the general idea, “I want to get my home more organized” if you want to try it too:

Step One: Define Your Goal in Clear Specific Terms – I want to organize my hall closet
Step Two: Make a Realistic Plan of Action – I want to clear out the hall closet clutter, determine what the closet will be used for and create a system that I can easily maintain once in place
Step Three: Give Yourself a Visible Timeline – I will determine what the hall closet will be used for on Monday, I will declutter the hall closet on Tuesday, I will give the bookcase that I will use in the hall closet a makeover on Wednesday, I will shop for organizational materials on Thursday, finish the hall closet on Friday.
Step Four: Find an Accountability Partner
Step Five: Celebrate Your Progress

It may seem tedious to go through all of these steps for something like a hall closet but I know myself well enough to know that if I said, “I want organized closets” it would be two months before I made it a priority. As you can see here, the hall closet really needed to be a priority and I decided to reorganize it for games and craft supplies.


The truth of the matter is that I didn’t even realize how bad this closet had actually gotten until I had my family for dinner and the kids couldn’t reach the games they wanted to play with.


After the bookcase makeover, everything fell into place. First, I corralled all of the games that were used most often.


Next, I bought three baskets to house items like books, paper and puzzles that are kept organized in zip lock bags.


We’re always looking for things we can all play together. It gets a little heated sometimes but I won’t dare say who is the most competitive. Cough, Dad.


I took the craft supplies that were in my office and placed them in the body of a console table I had painted in November of 2013. I loved this table but a mishap at the booth in St. Augustine led to the demise of two of the legs.


It’s been sitting in my garage waiting to be repurposed.


Since the craft supplies are going to be housed in the closet, I also placed the brown craft paper as well as the wrapping paper in a galvanized bucket.


I hung tissue paper from wooden hangers to help keep it organized. My ribbon is now hung from bird clothespins my friend Elaine gave me for my birthday last year.


When I opened the door to the closet, I wanted to be able to see cheerful quotes. I downloaded different fonts, printed them out on cardstock, colored the block letters with markers and pinned them to cork boards with pushpins. I also have cards and letters from people that make me smile.


The closet had little to no light so I bought these push lights and they’ve made a big difference.


It feels so good to be able to cross one of my 2015 goals off the list.


See you back here tomorrow. I spent a few days last week on the treasure trail and I’m excited to show you what I brought home.

Many blessings,


  1. says

    Oh my gosh…this looks amazing! I love how you give the breakdown of how to even begin and tackle an organizing problem. I must get started on my projects. My solution of just shorting the doors to the rooms is no longer a feasible option 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • CoCo says

      Speak to my heart girl, it takes daily steps to make it all happen but if I believe in anything it’s absolutely you and I know we can be each others cheerleader. Better together will be our motto 🙂

  2. says

    It’s the little shelf that could ~ looks so cute in the black and white pattern ~ and great update for the closet! Bet someone goes for a game and sees the craft stuff and ends up crafting ~ or goes for some craft ribbon and ends up playing Scrabble! So much fun in a small organized space CoCo 🙂 Bwg ~~~

    • CoCo says

      It’s really made a big difference already Bobbi which I’m proud of. I’m working to make the entire house more functional. It feels like a slow process sometimes but I know it’s going to be totally worth it. Hugs, CoCo