Spring Inspired Mantle

I don’t know about you guys but when I think about spring I think about new life, second chances, dinner on the grounds, pillbox hats and flowers. Lots of flowers. Namely the azalea’s that my parents would make us take pictures next to EVERY Easter Sunday. My poor sister LiLi would sneeze with every snapshot.

I was remembering all of those good times when I created my spring mantle this year. But in the beginning I got a little stuck. I’ve wanted to use these wreaths for a while now. Yet, they never seem to make the cut. It’s probably because having all of that color up there freaks me out a little ha ha.

031715-1 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

You may recognize the reclaimed frame. It was in the dining room on the teacart. The teacart sold a while ago. I left the frame propped up on a little table. One day while the windows were open, a strong wind blew through the house and the frame fell off the table breaking part of the pane.

060914-1 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

I love the frame with all it’s chippy-ness though so getting rid of it was not an option. I just recycled the rest of the glass.

031715-2 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

This green side is the other side of the window. The wreath is borrowed from my mom. It reminds me of my wild and curly hair.

031715-3 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

I used the glass jug on my fall porch and the flowering branch was also borrowed from my mom. We don’t have a big attic at all so it’s hard to keep a lot of decorative seasonal items. Thankfully, my mom shares her things with us. My grandpa gave me the wire egg basket with the eggs in it when he gave me the chicken coop, which was really sweet given he’ll be 90 in June. I found the books while out treasure hunting one day. I buy old books that have the color binding I’m looking to use in different vignettes so I don’t have to paint them. I’ve had a collection of vintage glass Ball jars for a while now too. And if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you already know how I feel about ironstone.

031715-4 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

It took me a while to decide what to put at the end of the mantle. I love the left side but something about the right side just wasn’t coming together for me. I finally settled on this picture I had been using in the bedroom. It had the same muted colors I was using in the rest of the mantle.

031715-5 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

I’m still working to add a few touches of spring to the rest of the house and hopefully the porches too. I had planned to have it all finished last Friday but The Pickers Market called and told me that I needed to get painting which is always exciting.

031715-6 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

By the way, it wasn’t just the three green wreaths that didn’t make the spring mantle cut. None of this made the cut either. My friend Liz loves it when I show my messes. This one’s for you girl!

031715-7 Spring Inspired Mantle Decorating Holidays

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  1. says

    CoCo – LOVE your mantle! You know how I feel about vintage Mason jars…one of my fave collections.I see that bubble in yours so I know it is very old. The picture that you added on the right side is so pretty and it is the perfect balance! Great job!

    • CoCo says

      I’m so glad you like it Vicki, thank you! We both love so much of the same things. We could get into so much trouble if we shopped together! Hugs, Coco

  2. says

    The painting of the flower pitcher on the mantle ~ and then on your mantle ~ stole my heart. Even the molding corner is a twin! Hope you are keeping that one for yourself, as it is perfect in your home 🙂 Lovely spring mantle Coco! Bwg ~~~

    • CoCo says

      Thank you bunches Bobbi! I love that picture too. It’s so neutral I can pretty much use it anywhere which is so nice. Hope you’re having a great night, Coco

    • CoCo says

      Hey hey hey Lisa, I’ve been missing you girl but I know you’ve been crazy sick. I hope you’re feeling better and that your pumpkin is feeling better too. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my spring mantle. I appreciate it! Hugs, Coco

    • CoCo says

      Thank you for your kind words Ann Marie, I really appreciate it. I wasn’t able to fit the vintage ice cream churn on the mantle but I did find a spot for it close by 🙂 Hope you’re having a great night, Coco

  3. says

    I really love this mantle, esp the eggs in the wire basket! You have a great blog and I am so glad that you came to the party! Thank you so much for sharing this on Making Memories Mondays! 🙂

  4. says

    I just love how you pulled so many elements from so many different places and made them into this beautiful vignette! So, so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing at Talented Tuesdays – I appreciate you stopping by!

    • CoCo says

      Thanks so much Amy, I really appreciate it! I get lots of practice since I never know what is going to be in my booth 🙂 I’m heading out now but I’ll see you at Talented Tuesdays later this afternoon. Hope you have an awesome day, Coco