Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot

I feel like I’ve been abnormally busy this summer maybe you guys can relate. I’ve been painting lots of furniture both for the booth and for my childhood home. The floors are down and we are ready to start hauling furniture and decorating all of the bedrooms. I’ll show you more of what we’ve been working on next week. After months of planning, the rooms are really starting to come together.

Because I’ve been in and out of town so much I’ve noticed something that doesn’t happen very often in my refrigerator. We’ve been eating out a little more which means we haven’t had a chance to use up all of the fresh fruits and vegetables we bought at the produce stand. Wasting food drives me bananas. Most of the time, I’m very aware of how long we’ve had a piece of produce and I’ll have lots of smoothies that week so nothing goes to waste.

The other day, I got out the strawberries and while they were just past the smoothie stage they weren’t quite to the fur stage. You know what I mean? The very same day, I noticed a bunch of basil that had gotten way too much water and was starting to develop dark spots. Not wanting to waste the strawberries or the basil, I created an easy summer simmer pot.

The ingredients you’ll need are strawberries, basil and lime juice.

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-1 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

Fill a small pot with ingredients and add enough water so that it almost reaches the top of the pot without spilling over.

072415-2 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

add a bunch of basil

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-3 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

cut 4-6 strawberries depending on how much you have on hand

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-4 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

then add 1 tablespoon of lime.

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-5 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

Bring the contents of your pot to a boil and then turn the heat down to low. Allow the contents to simmer for a few hours, add water as needed and fill your home with the smell of sweet summertime.

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-6 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

These flavors are also a great gift to give to a friend or neighbor. Place strawberries, basil and lime juice in a clean mason jar. Next add water until you reach the designated fill line of the mason jar. Screw down the lid. Place in the refrigerator and allow ingredients to infuse. It will keep approximately one week. Once you’re ready for the simmer pot, empty the contents of your mason jar into the pot, bring to a boil and once boiling turn the heat down to low. Allow the contents to simmer for a few hours, make sure to check on the simmer pot and add water as needed.

Strawberry-Basil-Summer-Simmer-Pot-The-Crowned-Goat-072415-7 Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Baking DIY

Need more simmer pot ideas? You can find my Lemon and Lavender Simmer Pot recipe here  and my Citrus Spice Simmer Pot recipe here.

I hope you all have a restful, relaxing weekend. We’ll be back in my hometown celebrating my Granny’s 85th birthday so it promises to be a fun weekend.

Many blessings,



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      ha ha thanks for the feedback ladies! I will talk to the IT department about the equations, no worries. It really smells good. It kind of makes me want biscuits and a strong cup of coffee so beware the lingering sweet tooth 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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    Coco, this looks so pretty and I bet your house smells amazing too. I have never made a simmer pot but need to try it. thanks for the great tips, xo Lisa

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      You are right, Lisa, the house does smell amazing! Although I do have to say, it makes me hungry for sweet stuff. I hope your weekend is totally awesome, CoCo

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    I had to laugh when I read your article. I hate wasting food, too, but I find that it happens more often than what I’d like. For the same reasons, too – travel, work, creative projects. But I have thrown out fruit with fur and other interesting things:-) Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

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      ha ha it’s so hard when you get really busy! I try my best to keep up with everything but it gets hard sometimes. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with furry fruit 🙂