Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Over the past few years, I’ve shared with you guys so many times I have a serious sweet tooth. Homemade sweet treats and baked goodies are not only my favorite gifts to give but are also some of my favorite gifts to receive too. Here are some last minute ideas to give your friends, family members, coworkers or neighbors for Valentine’s Day…

Pecan Pound Cake – You know how Southern ladies have a “signature dish” this is one of mine. I pair this pecan pound cake with a salted caramel glaze and it’s one of my most requested recipes.

Salted-Caramel-Pound-Cake Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

Cranberry and Orange Scones – These scones can be eaten on the go for breakfast, an afternoon snack or paired with a rich coffee for dessert. Take these with you on a hike or to the beach for an early morning Valentine’s sunrise.

Cranberry-and-Orange-Scones-with-Orange-Glaze Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Nothing says love like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie! I just made a few dozen for my sisters to take home after we spent the day making candles. My mom used to pick us up from school and have a few chocolate chip cookies wrapped in parchment paper tied with red and white bakers twine.

Chocolate-Chip-Cookies Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

White Cake with Triple Berry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting – I made this birthday cake for S and there was not a crumb left at the end of the night. It’s a little involved because there are so many steps but the cream cheese frosting, fresh berries and moist cake are worth the extra effort. It’s like a party with every bite.

White-Cake-Triple-Berry-Filling-Cream-Cheese-Frosting-051415-9 Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

Moist Beet Brownies with Peanut Buttercream Frosting – Beets have long been used in Southern cakes to add a rich, moist flavor to batters. The star of the show is definitely the peanut buttercream frosting. I come from long line of picky eaters and these sweet treats are absolutely picky eater approved.

Moist-Beet-Brownies Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

All of these recipes can be made in an afternoon so make sure you share with someone you love!

Easy-Sweet-Treats-for-Valentines-Day-Pinnable Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day  Baking

I hope you guys all have a relaxing weekend filled with love and laughter. See you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest and back here on Monday for the Something to Talk About Link Party!

Many blessings,