Valentine’s Mantle

Every year I celebrate my birthday with some sort of themed party. This year we made the drive to IKEA where we all had long shopping lists of items we wanted to buy. If you follow The Crowned Goat on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen two of the chairs I brought home that day. I was so torn about paying the extra money for these chairs. They were almost triple the price of the chairs I originally had on my list. But my sweet mom and baby sister wouldn’t let me leave the store with anything less than what I truly loved. I’m so thankful I brought these chairs home that day.

021015-1 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

Last year I had a crafternoon birthday party. I really wanted to learn how to make pom poms out of yarn. My sister LiLi taught us how to make them and they were so much easier than I thought they would be. Before long we had piles of different colored pom poms.

020314-1 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

We glued some of the pom poms to sticks and made flowers. I put them in a spice jar basket I found at World Market and now they’re giving my guest bathroom a happy vibe.

021015-2 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

I made a wreath with the leftover pom poms from the party. You’ll need a good amount of pom poms so make sure you make those first. I used a straw wreath form I purchased for $3.99 from a local craft supply store. Next I used hot glue gun to secure the pom poms to the wreath.

021015-3 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

The pom pom wreath became the inspiration for my Valentine’s Day mantle last year. Everything I used on the mantle I already had on hand at home which made it super easy to bring together. The old adage, “bring home what you truly love and you’ll find a place for it” is really true.

020314-5 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

I used two pictures that I previously covered with old book pages and Mod Podge to help with the neutral backdrop I envisioned.

020314-6 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

Then I added layers of texture with books, paper doilies and scraps of burlap.

020314-7 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

You guys already know how much I love ironstone. I’ve used this same piece on the mantle for almost every season.

020314-8 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

Even after I got everything up I remember thinking it just needed something else. So at the last minute I decided to add this sweet little garland made out of heart shaped paper doilies.

020314-09 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

It’s crazy to think I made this pom pom wreath last year because I saw pom poms being used on everything over the holidays this year. I think they’re just so versatile you can use them wherever you like. I even had them on my cheerleading shoes when I was cheering for the blue team back in the day. I know you’re wishing I could fish that picture out of the archives he he.

020314-10 Valentine’s Mantle Crafts Decorating

See you guys back here tomorrow with easy last minute Valentine decorating ideas for the kitchen table.

Many blessings,



  1. says

    I love your mantle and Pom Pom tutorial! Your neutral palette looks so fresh and inviting. We may need your sister to do a tutorial for us too – we have not tried to make Pom Poms as we don’t know how 🙂 I’ve always known you have a wonderful family – a true testament is your mom and sister insisting that you get those beautiful chairs. They knew you needed the nudge to buy them and that you would regret not having them! Have a good day…make it a great one!

    • CoCo says

      You’re so sweet Vicki, I do have a great family. I would be lost without them. Maybe I need to rewrite my post and include a tutorial of how to make them or better yet have LiLi guest post and teach us how to make them. Say what, a sister video making pom poms? I’ll work on her 🙂

  2. says

    That’s so pretty! I love the two different colors of yarn in your pom pom wreath. I’ve got to make one of these. I have bunches of yarn lying around. Thanks for sharing this idea!! Hugs!

    • CoCo says

      Angie, it takes a bit to get enough pom poms to make the wreath but after you get those in place the rest of it really comes together well. If anyone can rock this wreath, I know it’s you lady. Sending you hugs back too, Coco

    • CoCo says

      Yeah for cheerleaders with pom poms on their sneakers! I remember thinking I was too cool for school back in those days. Thank you for your kind comments on the mantle and the IKEA chairs, we love them both 🙂

  3. says

    Coco, your mantle is sooooo adorable and I love the story of spending the day with your mom and sister and the family time you had with them while making the pom poms. The wreath is adorable and I love how you are so good at pulling great things in your home like music sheets, burlap and doilies to create a fabulous neutral mantel. ADORABLE!! xo Lisa

    • CoCo says

      You know my heart speaks in neutrals, Lisa! It was definitely a bonus to be able to shop my house to pull it all together. Thank you bunches for your kind words.