Valspar Painted Table Transformation

This past weekend, I swear it seemed like every neighborhood I passed was having a yard sale. It was also the weekend of Flea Across Florida but I had a birthday party to attend and baby goats to love on, so I missed all of the action. I have THE sweetest aunts and they went out shopping for me so I could concentrate on the festivities. If you’ve been in the vendor business for any length of time then you already know the importance of having multiple people help scout for new inventory. It’s a vital component of the business.

One of the first pieces of painted furniture I ever transformed and sold came from one of my aunts. She found this console table and called me up super excited. Any time she starts a sentence with the words, “Honey, you’re not gonna believe what I found today.” I almost always start giggling because there is no telling what she’s been into or where she’s found some treasures. I’ve been running a booth now for almost 2 years and I can honestly say my aunts are some of my biggest cheerleaders.

The table started out like a lot of the pieces I paint, not in great shape. The top needed a little bit of work but the rest of the table was in good condition.

041515-1 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

The details were simple and beautiful.

041515-2 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

Back before I started using chalk paint or milk paint on a regular basis and way before I learned to make my own version of homemade chalk paint, I painted this table in one of my favorite Valspar paint colors called Atlantic Gray. It’s not gray at all. It’s more of a beautiful shade of turquoise blue.

041515-3 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

I used two coats of paint, distressed with a piece of 120-grit sandpaper and sealed with clear furniture paste wax.

041515-4 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

I delivered it to my booth and it sold within a few days.

041515-5 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

I haven’t had that booth in St. Augustine for almost a year now. This table has been long sold but it’s funny the pieces that stay with you. The family that bought this one was buying furniture for their new condo. I can still remember when I got the call from the owner of the antique mall. I was screaming and dancing and high fiving everyone that was available. Ok, so it was just my mom and one of my dogs available to high five at the time but I was still stoked. And even now, I’ve bought, sold and painted hundreds of pieces of furniture and it’s still just as exciting. There’s something to be said for putting yourself out there and following your dreams.

041515-6 Valspar Painted Table Transformation Painted Furniture

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  1. liz lichenstein says

    No wonder it sold so quickly – a very lovely piece. Just wondering which photo shows the true color – the third pic which is darker blue, or the last pic which is a very pale almost mint greenish hue?

    • says

      Thanks so much, Liz! The paint is by Valspar and it’s called Atlantic Gray. I would say the color is more turquoise blue than mint green but like most paint colors is does change depending on lighting and time of day.