Vintage Valentine Gift Ideas and Latest Finds

As I shared in yesterday’s post, I’ve been spending a lot of time decluttering and organizing the house as of late so I was really good when I went to Renninger’s a few weekends ago and brought a shopping list. Sometimes this is a fabulous idea and other times, it’s hard to say no to things you want but don’t really need. You know what I mean?

I swear, there always seems to be this silent struggle of, “Do I really need this?” or “Do I truly love this or do I just want it right now?” and finally the one that gets me the most, “Am I ever going to see this piece again at this price?” That one is definitely the hardest because as you guys know some vintage pieces are so hard to find depending on the area of the country you live.

My mom and I both knew what we were looking for in advance which helped us to stay on track. We also had an idea of a few things we needed to pick up for my baby sister’s master bedroom makeover. In addition, we both had a specific budget in mind which is always good to have when you’re shopping a vintage market because it can be overwhelming to see all those fabulous finds.

I would say we did really well as far as staying on track and within our budget but it was not easy. There were a few pieces of ironstone and a painting towards the end of the day, I’m still thinking about! But that’s the way it goes, right? to buy or not to buy that is the question! Here’s a look at a few things that made it home from the girl’s weekend and a few vintage gift ideas for your favorite Valentine…

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-1

I’m planning to use these grain sacks on the porch for spring. They smell like they’ve been kept in a barn so I’m crossing my fingers a nice soak will do the trick…

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-2

I’ll probably turn this one into a pillow…

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-3

My parents bought me a really nice set of peals while I was in graduate school but I’m too afraid to wear them. I love pearls though so I had a vintage three strand set on my list. Row after row, we could not even find three strands of pearls much less a vintage set of three so I scooped this necklace up for $4.

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-4

Wouldn’t you know it, just around the corner I found these with the original Sacks Fifth Avenue tag for $10!

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-5

We shopped all the way from my parent’s home, Bliss Barracks to Mount Dora so here are a few other things I picked up along the treasure trail like this ironstone pitcher…the crazing gets me every time…

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-6

I found this ironstone sugar bowl for $3 at this little hole in the wall place. You know I must have wanted it really bad because there were cats milling around and you guys know I feel about cats. They were actually pretty chill and napped while we were shopping. I think I may be able to conquer my fear this year…maybe.

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-7

This piece of ironstone was interesting because I’ve never seen one that is deep enough to be a pie dish before. Most all of the ironstone pieces I saw for sale at Renninger’s as far as the tureens and large pitchers or basins go were selling for around $40-$125 apiece. I know!

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-8

We went to one antique mall in Mount Dora and I found this horse trophy. It was the steal of the weekend at less than $20. Even the guy at the counter couldn’t believe it because most of the time horse trophies similar to this one start at $50 and go up from there. We was all but skipping to the car!

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-9

I also found some pretty green apple napkins for an upcoming spring tablescape but my mom texted me yesterday to let me know I had left them in her bag so I’ll have to share those a different day. At the same place I found the napkins, I found this table runner/bed scarf/maybe rug for my sister. She’s all boho all the time so I knew she would love, love, love the fringe.

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-10

Even though she’s boho, she really likes a clean, minimalistic look. We’ve been looking for a few pieces for her master bedroom and as soon as I spotted this nightstand at $14.99, I knew it would be a chic way to address her lack of storage issues. I can’t wait to see how it looks in her bedroom.

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-11

While I found most of these items on our girl’s trip, there are plenty of other gift ideas you could buy for your Valentine like…

vintage china,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-12


Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-13

antique brooches,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-14


Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-15

Monogrammed linens,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-16

chippy scales,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-17

silver platters,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-18

vintage photographs,

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-19

a treasured piece of art you know he/she has been eyeing or

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-20

vintage bread boards.

Vintage Valentine's Gift Ideas-21

As you guys can see there are a lot of options if you decide you want to give the gift of vintage this Valentine’s Day. If you need a few more ideas for making Valentine’s Day a special occasion this year, you can find 17 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day here.

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share a Valentine Gift Guide for The Busy Girl. Until then, I’ll see you on Facebook, on Instagram on Pinterest.

Many blessings,



  1. sarah says

    I didn’t even think about giving vintage gifts for Valentine’s Day much less these ideas but they’re all really good. I love all of your ironstone pieces. I’ve been working on a collection too.

    • says

      Thanks so much, Nancy! We definitely had a fun time going down there and shopping through all of the spaces. I swear there is stuff everywhere. It’s so hard to stay on track sometimes 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

  2. says

    As always Coco you found some beautiful things!! I just love it all!!! We have said before, and will probably say it again, but we would have sooo much fun hunting up vintage finds together 😉 Although we would probably want the same things. lol Hope you are having a great week! Hugs, Lisa

    • says

      Shopping with you would be so much fun Lisa! I can totally see us wanting the same things because I feel like we could be twinsies sometimes ha ha. The fields are covered with great pieces so I think we could help each other out for sure. Hugs, CoCo