Wicker Trunk Makeover

I bought this wicker trunk a little over a month ago. It wasn’t in bad shape it was just in need for a major update. I know hunter green was a hot for a minute in the 90’s and maybe these sunflowers were hot as well. But if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know my heart speaks in neutrals.

092214-1 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

I live at least 40 minutes from town, so frequently I’ll start a project and use what I have on hand to complete it. For example, I didn’t have any spray paint on hand but I did have a can of Zinsser primer and a can of Valspar’s Bistro White. Looking back, the 40-minute drive to town to buy spray paint would have probably saved me some time. This picture was taken after the first coat of primer.

092214-2 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

Several coats of Bistro White later,

092214-3 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

I was ready to start replacing the top. This trunk is both sturdy enough to use as a bench and as a storage option. Look at all the room!

092214-4 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

My initial gut reaction was to put a piece of burlap on top. But even after washing and drying, the burlap was just too scratchy. I love the way these colors look against the white though.

092214-5 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

So in typical coastal style, I settled on canvas. It’s neutral enough to be used as a window seat with lots of pillows or at the end of the bed if you need a spot to put your shoes on in the morning.

092214-6 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

If you see something like this on your junking adventures don’t be afraid to bring it home. This project was completed with: primer, paint, paintbrushes (unless you want to use spray paint), fabric, staple gun, staples and a staple remover. These are probably items you already have at home. To seal, use a poly finish. It comes in a spray can or brush on format. Make sure you allow for maximum drying time in between coats of primer, paint and sealant.

092214-7 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

It takes a bit of time but it’s worth the effort.

092214-8 Wicker Trunk Makeover Painted Furniture

Many blessings,



    • CoCo says

      I think even my Mom was like you’re good CoCo but I don’t know if you’re that good! ha ha! I think it had been passed up a lot but I’m excited I was able to help give it a new life!

  1. says

    It looks great Coco! Is this heading to Pickers or are you keeping this one? It would look great at the end of a bed. Wicker can be so time consuming, I’m happy it turned out so well. Nancy