Goodbye April, Hello May

f I had to choose two words to describe the progress of April, it would be “intentionally focused.”  After feeling off track from a crazed schedule in the month of March, I was able to recharge while still managing to accomplish my goals this month.  Organizing my thoughts into a cohesive priorities list to use, as a guide each day has been a total game changer.

April was all about getting my booth at The Pickers Market back on track and I shared a lot of painted furniture.  I decided to take the Herboriste potting station to the booth this past Sunday after 4 pieces of furniture sold in last 6 days.  I’m not going to lie, my heart did break a little bit when we had to unload it but I know someone will love the potting station as much as I do. I brought home a similar work workbench last Friday and spent a good part of Monday painting it. The Sea Glass Green Inspired Dresser, the 3 Drawer Washed Nightstand and the Duck Egg Painted Bookcase have already sold.

Goodbye April, Hello May

Of course, I was on a treasure hunt this month.  These are a few things I picked up in the beginning of April. I’m going to be a co-host of Thriftscore Thursday tomorrow and I am so excited about it.


On the home front, we’ve been enjoying the touches of spring around the house. I can hardly believe it’s almost time to get started with summer decorating.  I have a few fun ideas I’m working on already that I can’t wait to share with you in May.  I didn’t have a lot of home décor posts given the amount of painting I had to do for the booth this month but I shared my Mom’s Easter Inspired Table and our Kentucky Derby Inspired Mantle. I also teamed up with 4 other blogs to for a family recipe swap and made chocolate chip cookies.  They’re my favorite.   


Even when it’s raining which it has every day been for the past few days, I’m glad to spend time outside on the front porch.  This rusty wheelbarrow was headed for the trash pile when I decided we could save it and use it as a container garden.

042815-8 wheelbarrow-container-gardens

Lastly, I gave myself some grace and 48 hours of uninterrupted down time to read and review the book, Love The Home You Have by author and blogger Melissa Michaels.  It was fantastic.  My Mom will be here on Saturday and I am totally passing this book along so she can read it too.

042415-2 Love The Home You Have Book Review

Goodbye April, it’s been fun. May, if you’re listening, I can’t wait to see what adventures you have in store for me!

Many blessings,


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  1. Dear CoCo – You always get so much accomplished each month – you should be so proud of yourself! It’s fun to look back and see all that you have created. Our hearts break for you a little bit know that you had to load the Herboiste table – but some lucky person will be so grateful to showcase it in their home!
    Vicki and Jennifer recently posted…Easy Basic Vinaigrette…My Profile

    1. It feels like this whole month has been a bit of a whirlwind! I do hope someone loves that table that’s the only thing right now making me feel better 🙂 Hugs, Coco

  2. You’ve been busy!! You do such an amazing job with your furniture pieces and your customers know it. Glad you did take some time for yourself with Melissa’s book. You deserved it. I hope you have a great month of May! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Love and hugs!!!

    1. Every day is a new learning experience about how to balance all of this and make it happen. I’m definitely grateful to have friends like you that give me love and support. Hugs, Coco

  3. You could have fooled me. I think you did amazingly well. You do need time for you and your family. It’s a number one priority. Relating, however, my March was way off as we still had snow storms and behind the blog scenes activities. April finally gave us hope of spring. The snowbanks finally left two weeks ago. Today was an amazing 82 in the sun outdoors. It’s accomplish season now!

    Your booth intrigues me as I see those beauties posted. I can’t even imagine what else you have in store for us to peek at. Even though I don’t comment on each of your posts, I enjoy ALL of them! You are so very busy and seem to make it all happen and it appears effortless. Don’t fret at all; you’re doing fabulously! Smile! Enjoy! Be proud! And… make time for yourself always!
    Robin @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations recently posted…Stenciled Tin BoxMy Profile

    1. Robin, I am sending you big hug for these sweet and kind words. I really needed to hear them. I can’t imagine dealing with that much snow! I’m so happy that you guys can be outdoors and the weather is better for you. We’re outside a good bit so I can totally relate about wanting to get things accomplished 🙂 Hugs, Coco

  4. Hi Coco, WOW you should be so proud (and tired lol) I can’t believe you painted all that furniture in one month. IT’s a lot and you are my painting hero. I love all your creations. xo Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…Tuesday Treasures 32My Profile

    1. Goodness yes, Lisa, I am so tired! I am hoping to be able to take a day off pretty soon. You’re so sweet to say I’m your painting hero that’s how I feel about your sewing skills. They’re amazing. Hugs, Coco

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