Home Tour

It’s hard to believe we’ve celebrated living in our tiny island cottage, Journeys End, for about twelve years now. Our styles have definitely changed over the years from coastal to shabby chic-inspired to farmhouse neutrals to a vintage mix of country house styles.

Come on in…

I live on an island in Florida and that makes the drive to town a long one.

Most days I don’t mind though.

It’s honestly the best of both worlds.

To get on or off the island, I have to pass multiple fields full of horses and goats,

and drive under a big canopy of trees dripping with Spanish moss.

We have plenty of room to put in the kayaks with just a quick walk or a relaxing bike ride to the water.

The front porch is one of my favorite spots on the property to decorate especially during the Spring and Fall seasons.

There’s plenty of room to read, relax and just hang out.

The entry holds a bench we made from my childhood bed.

Just off the side of the entry is the dining room.  It holds a beast of a hutch and buffet I swore was headed for the garbage before my bestie S convinced me we could save it.

Just off the entry, dining room, and my bestie S’s office is the living room. 

Several years ago we took the tv out of the living room and made it into a library and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!

Living in a home that has an open floor is great about 90% of the time. It forces us to be tidy and to understand our decorating style because so many of the spaces can be seen just by standing in one spot!

Off the living room are the kitchen, built-in desk area, breakfast nook, and coffee bar.

I love that you can be in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner, guests can be talking in the living room and the littles can be coloring at the table yet everyone still feels included in the conversation.

Right off the kitchen area is the walk-in pantry, dish pantry, pet feeding station, and laundry room,

The master bedroom definitely has a cozy cottage vibe.

We hand-painted and stenciled the bedroom floors! 

It took forever but we still love the way it all came together.

Speaking of projects we still love, several years ago I decided to make a headboard from an old mantel.

Well, one thing led to another and we not only made the headboard, but my Dad also helped me build a bed crown and give the entire room a makeover too.

Of course, my Mom and bestie S are always willing to roll up their sleeves and help too.

The three of us just completed a guest bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. 

We had a ton of things go wrong and a million interruptions but we fought through them all to create a retreat space for guests to rest and relax in.

I love a lot of things about our property but one of my favorite spaces of all is my office.  We turned our metal garden shed into the office of my dreams and every day I can’t believe I get to work out there!

You can read more about that transformation in this post, Budget Friendly Shed Makeover Reveal.

It’s been like furniture fruit basket turnover around here lately so I can’t wait to share the new changes for summer!

A good portion of our property has been left completely undeveloped for wildlife and native plants which makes for a fun adventure. We never really know what is going to show up from different kinds of marsh and shorebirds to bunnies, turtles, turkeys, foxes, and more!

Our goal is to always be good stewards of the land no matter what though.

After all, we know turning a house into a home is a journey that takes time and we’re glad to have you here with us.

Many blessings,