Our Philosophy

We believe that kindness matters and every day is a gift. We believe everyone deserves to live in a home they love however perfect or perfectly imperfect it may be. We believe there is beauty and joy in simplicity.

We believe in giving your best and doing your best. We believe in giving and receiving grace, in investing in each other and that encouraging words can be as sweet and as revered as pecan pie.

We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Saturday Suppers can cure a hard week. We believe in the bonds of family no matter how those bonds were created.

We believe mismatched thrifted dishes will always be as elegant as a matching set of fine china. After all, it’s really about who’s gathered around the table. We believe in passing down heirloom, handmade, antique, vintage, handcrafted and well-loved pieces for future generations to enjoy.

We believe in thank you notes, classic patterns, monograms, threadbare linens and rugs, collecting what you love, heirloom gardens, naps, frequent conversations on the porch swing, generous mugs, big glasses of sweet tea and lemonade, bundt cakes, good books, long hikes and being a virtuous steward of our times, talents, gifts and resources.

We believe in being intentional and that rest is not a luxury. We believe every no is attached to a best yes. We believe there is a message in the mess and chasing perfection is overrated.

We believe there is adventure in opportunity if we’re open to the many available possibilities and we’re willing to step out in faith. We believe we were all created with a value beyond measure and that love shows up exactly when we need it every time.

We welcome you to our journey of home décor and diy projects as we celebrate life with effortless Southern charm. We’re so glad you’re here…