How to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath

We’re sharing how to refresh an old spring wreath today as we team up with some of our favorite ladies for the monthly Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop hosted by the always fabulous Cindy of County Road 407.

If you’re coming over from Cindy’s blog, welcome, we’re happy to have you here!

Didn’t you love her showstopping spring wreath? She’s always coming up with the best ideas!

Cindy created the monthly Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop so fellow creatives could put their own spin on projects and ideas seen on Pinterest.

Our theme this month is “spring wreath” inspired by this gorgeous tulip wreath created by Kristi of Chatfield Court.

Decorating with Tulips…

Decorating with tulips always seems like the perfect way to kick off the spring season because they’re usually plentiful this time of year.

In fact, we used them in our spring home tour last year.

So, imagine my complete surprise when I walked into the craft store expecting to have plenty of tulip options and found next to none.

Truthfully, there were boxes and boxes of spring blooms lining the aisles.

But unfortunately, they hadn’t been unpacked yet.

And as I gazed at the partially filled shelves waiting for inspiration, I knew I was going to have to pivot.

Thankfully, I spotted a single bush of pink and white tulip stems and that’s when I decided to refresh an old spring wreath in our garage.

Here’s a look at how to refresh an old spring wreath in case you have one sitting around your house too…

Supplies to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath:

  • Old Wreath (premade store-bought wreaths in good shape work best)
  • Floral Picks
  • Greenery Picks
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Ribbon, optional

Steps to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath:

Gather your supplies and make sure your work surface is free from dirt and debris.

This wreath is a few years old.

While it’s mostly in good shape, there are a few spots that could use a little fluffing.

I consider myself a beginner when it comes to making wreaths.

So, the first thing I do is to look for patterns to build around.

For example, this old spring wreath features 3 pink hydrangeas.

And since the only tulips I found were pink and white, I knew it would be easy to build around that color scheme.

Once you’ve found a spot, flower, or color to build around, use caution and care as you cut your flower stems.

I’ve found it easier to cut the stems to the same size as a traditional floral pick.

After you have the stems cut to the size you need them, again, use caution and care as the floral wire will be sharp as you secure the stems in place.

Continue to work your way around the wreath tucking and securing your flower stems to the wreath form until you’ve refreshed your old spring wreath as you’ve envisioned.

Next, add extra greenery picks if you need them.

Finally, add ribbon or a bow to your old spring wreath if desired.

Quick and Easy Ways to Update a Sprign Wreath-The Crowned Goat

Orienting Your Wreath…

Most premade store-bought wreaths come with a hook at the top to let you know how it should be oriented.

For example, this hook is in a spot that lets me know the flowers on this old spring wreath should be oriented to the right.

How to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath with Faux Floral Stems-The Crowned Goat

Just for kicks and giggles though, I decided to see what it would look like to have the flowers on the bottom, and it gives it a slightly different look.

I share this because sometimes we don’t hang wreaths like these on our front doors.

Sometimes we refresh an old spring wreath to use around the house or in vignettes.

After all, it’s nice to have options, you know?

How to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath with Faux Tulip Stems-The Crowned Goat

How Long Does It Take to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath…

It took me about 20 minutes to refresh this old spring wreath.

For one thing, the existing wreath was in pretty good shape.

For another, I created floral picks out of floral stems which are a lot easier to work with if you’re a beginner like me.

So, if you want to decorate for the seasons but don’t have the space to buy a new wreath, consider refreshing an old spring wreath.

It will not only save you time but money as well.

How to Refresh an Old Spring Wreath-The Crowned Goat

Up Next on the Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop…

Up next on the Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, is my sweet friend Christy of Our Southern Home. You’ll love how she added spring tulips to her front door flower basket.

Once you’re finished there, be sure to check out what the rest of these fabulous ladies are sharing.

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  1. Coco, you are so right about reusing and updating older wreath. It’s definitely the smart thing to do. I love that you re-oriented the wreath. That gave it a completely different look. And the pink colors are just right with the foliage.

  2. How pretty is this. I love that you repurposed an older wreath from the past. I love ideas for how to do that. Yours looks amazing and I adore the eggs and bunny too. Great job.

  3. I love to repurpose wreaths and your wreath came out grand! Love the blush colors. Beautiful job, CoCo and she’s perfect for spring!

  4. I definitely have a couple old wreaths that could use a little fluffing up. Great motivation, CoCo! This turned out so pretty:)

  5. This is a beautiful wreath, and Spring vignette, CoCo! I spot something that looks familiar 😉 Love the soft pink flowers with the greenery, it’s perfect! Pinned.

  6. Wendy McMonigle says:

    Your wreath looks amazing CoCo. I love that you upcycled an old wreath and gave it new life.

  7. You have such a great eye for reimagining things. Like wreaths when the flowers you want are gone! It turned out lovely. Soft, elegant, festive and perfect for spring. Thank you for joining us!

  8. CoCo, I love the idea of reinventing what you already have on hand! Your wreath is so pretty with the addition of those soft pink tulips! Such a cute vignette too, with your footed bowl of eggs and handsome rabbit! Love it all my friend!

  9. CoCo,
    This is such a pretty wreath and love refreshing an old one. I’ve done this a few times, and it saves so much money. The colors are just perfect for spring….so soft and romantic! Love it!

  10. This is beautiful and I love wreaths on an angle. So smart to give an old wreath an update. I try very hard to make my wreaths work for multiple seasons.

    I appreciate everything you mentioned above. Many don’t realize blogging is expensive. I enjoy when you share encouragement. Your blog makes me happy. Pinned

  11. CoCo, I love how you added tulips to your already gorgeous wreath! I would never have thought it could get any better, and it did! Genius!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  12. I love how you used an old wreath and upcycled it for the upcoming season! The tulips are such a pretty addition and always make me think of Spring! Plus I am always looking for ways to save time and money! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. Hi CoCo – That is crazy that the craft store did not have any tulips out! (or at least unpacked) Your refreshed wreath is beautiful! Of course, it incorporates your signature color. With the added flowers, it looks extra full and lush. The best part, is that you refreshed an existing wreath. Another fabulous creation (that also helps the environment and our wallets)!!

  14. Coco,
    Beautiful wreath!! I think I need to upcycle some of my old ones now!! Have a great weekend!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  15. This is so pretty, CoCo! I love how you upcycled and refreshed an old wreath. The soft colors and greenery are gorgeous! Happy Spring!

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