How to Make a Simple Monogram with Cranberries

Just popping in quickly today to share how to make a simple monogram with cranberries.

If you had a chance to read Friday’s post you know I hadn’t really planned to share this post this week. That being said, if you follow us on Instagram you already know we’ve been hit hard by the flu bug and it’s taken longer than we expected to recover. Cold and flu season definitely seem to be in full swing already so be sure to take extra care of yourself. It has without a doubt thrown us for a loop!

Anyway, I plan to share how we decorated the breakfast table for Christmas with you tomorrow so you’ll be able to see how we used these festive place holders – they are seriously so easy to make. We love anything monogramed and adding a personal touch to a table setting or a gift can help to bring a custom feel to any special event. These letters are perfect for dressing up any holiday tablescape and the best part is they can be created in just a few minutes.

You can find most of the materials you need at your local craft supply store and your local grocery store. Here’s a look at how what you’ll need to make a cranberry monogram letters of your own…



20-24-gauge jewelry wire

Jewelry wire cutters

Polyurethane Clear Coat (as needed)


The first step is to decide how big you want your monogrammed letter to be and carefully cut the jewelry wire with jewelry wire cutters. Both the jewelry wire and the wire cutters will be sharp so make sure to use caution and care when performing this step.

I used a 24-gauge jewelry wire which was very flexible and pliable. That being said, if you wanted to use this same idea to make gift tags for packages or ornaments for the Christmas tree you’ll need to use a wire that is a bit sturdier like a 20-gauge wire.

Manipulate the jewelry wire until you have the shape or letter of your choice.

I used real cranberries but you can always use faux ones as long as they’re solid and will hold their shape while on the jewelry wire.

Using caution and care as the jewelry wire will be sharp begin threading the cranberries onto the wire letter form.

Continue to thread the cranberries onto the letter form until they cover it entirely. Make sure you have a cranberry covering each end as the ends will be sharp if left uncovered. If you’ve used real cranberries and you’re going to give these letters as ornaments, put them on presents or use them to personalize gift bags you’ll need to spray a clear coat of polyurethane on the letters prior to giving them away as the cranberries will shrivel over time without a clear coat to protect it.

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share how we used these letters on the breakfast nook table and dressed it up for Christmas. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Oh my gosh – had no idea that y’all were ill! Good grief please take care of yourself so that you don’t miss your big date with Santa! With that being said…LOVE this monogram. We had no idea how to make it. We have Pinned it so we don’t forget…great idea!

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