Renninger’s Extravaganza February Recap

We’re sharing our Renninger’s Extravaganza February Recap today!

As some of you know, this year didn’t start out quite like we had planned.

In January, my Dad was hospitalized for pneumonia and my Mom was placed in a boot for a broken toe.  

It was an all hands-on deck kind of situation and our entire pod pitched in to help them both make a full recovery.

During the six-week process, my Mom’s biggest goal was to make it back to the Renninger’s Extravaganza in Mount Dora, Florida.

If you’re not familiar, Renningers holds an Extravaganza outdoor antique event three times a year in January, February, and November.

Given my Mom had already missed the ones in November and January, she was more determined than ever not to miss the February event.

So, at the last minute when I found out she was going with or without us, S helped me rearrange my schedule so I could go with her.

It was a gorgeous day and scary hot but I’m so thankful we had the chance to attend. It felt like the perfect way to restart the year!

Here’s a look at our Renninger’s Extravaganza February Recap and a few photos I captured with my phone…

The February event is always well attended.

In my honest opinion though, it’s not nearly as packed as the January and November events.

Every Extravaganza is different in that you never know what vendors will be present (although a lot of them keep the same booth space for each event).

You also never know what kind of goodies they’ll be bringing so it’s always a treasure hunt.

Some years we come home with a car full, sometimes a bag full, and sometimes nothing at all.

But that’s exactly what keeps us coming back to each event.

There was a TON of jewelry this time. Probably more than I’ve ever seen before.

It was fun to dig through and the prices were fabulous.

In addition to jewelry, there was also lots of silverware…

antique doorknobs…

wicker cloches…

beautiful gates…

antique rugs…


and ironstone and transferware pieces.

I also loved these old signs…

this chippy dresser…

and this champagne bottle. It would have been such a fun prop!

Speaking of fun, this antique golf bag was amazing. Those plaid covers! We hated to leave it behind but I know someone will fall in love with it and give it a place of honor in their home.

Our Favorite Cottage Booths at Renningers Mount Dora…

From the Cottage was one of our favorite little shops. She has everything decorated so beautifully!

We also love Peggy’s booth which is located diagonally from Mandy’s Grub Hub. She always has the most amazing displays of ironstone and transferware.

Renninger's Extravaganza February Recap-Mount Dora-The Crowned Goat

I’ll share more about what we brought home in Friday’s From the Front Porch post.

But if you’re ever in the Mount Dora area during these events and you love treasure hunting, don’t miss the chance to shop here.

It’s always so much fun!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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    1. You are so welcome, Debra! I’m excited we were finally able to make it to Renningers. It’s a treasure hunter’s dream. She did very well so I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll do just as well in Europe this Spring. They tell us not to worry about them all the time but it’s hard 😉 I’m sure your kids feel the same way about you! Big hugs, CoCo

  1. I am so glad your Mom felt well enough to make it to this event. I loved the variety and quality of items for sale. This antique show really is a special event!

  2. Oh my gosh! So MANY GOODIES!! Those basket light fixtures, the ironstone, the transferware, the furniture. I have always wanted to go to Renningers. It is legendary. I am so glad you and your Mom were able to attend. Thanks for taking so many great photos and for sharing them with us. Also, I must admit, I was a little jealous when you said it was “scary hot”. There was an obvious lack of snow on the ground in your photos . . .

    1. You would love this show, Rachel! It was so much fun and I know you could have found a ton of goodies. Hugs, CoCo

  3. I’m so sad I had to miss this one! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Makes me excited for the show in November! I hope I’ll get to meet you (and maybe your mom too) in person there someday!! Can’t wait to see what you picked up!!

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