Vendor Series: The Pickers Market Booth Update

I wanted to share an update on my booth at the Pickers Market because I know there are many of you that are traveling out of town for the long holiday weekend. We’re knee deep in a busy tourist season and some of my favorite finds have come while I’ve been on vacation. I love to go to other antique malls and flea markets while I’m away because it always gives me inspiration when I get home. I love to see how other vendors have styled their spaces and what goodies they’re passionate about bringing in.

The Pickers Market - The Crowned Goat

Make no mistake having a strong base of local loyal customers is vital but it’s equally as important to embrace those customers that are looking for a little something to take home after spending a week at the beach or in the mountains. If you’re a vendor make sure to keep lots of smalls in stock and even if you’re not moving a lot of furniture right now be sure to have plenty of unique items for both local and seasonal customers to choose from.

The Pickers Market - The Crowned Goat

If you’ve been in your local craft supply store lately you know that most big box stores are getting ready for the fall and Christmas holidays. On a personal note, it feels way too early to be putting these seasonal items on the shelves but from a business stand point this is all part of being a vendor. All most all of my prices have been discounted in an effort to make room for new merchandise.

Creative Booth Spaces - The Crowned Goat - 070115-3

Depending on your area this may be a great time to find furniture for a good deal as some vendors may be more willing to negotiate the price depending on what they have in stock or in storage.

Creative Booth Spaces - The Crowned Goat  - 070115-4

Of course, you always want to be respectful and ask what the vendor’s best price is. If you see a dough bowl for $125 offering $75 or less can be seen as insulting.

Creative Booth Spaces - The Crowned Goat - 070115-5

The summer season usually suggests a high inventory turnover so make sure you keep the entire booth space clean and fresh. Move items around. If there’s something you really don’t want to sell, bring it home. Donate items that have not moved in the past 6 months if you have any. We all make impulsive decisions at times when choosing merchandise.

Creative Booth Spaces - The Crowned Goat - 070115-6

Finally, summer is a time for making memories. Remember to make some with your own family. Slow down and enjoy eating dinner outside or having breakfast at the beach. Being a vendor is so much fun and at the same time can be all consuming and exhausting especially during busy seasons. Take some time to enjoy the small moments that make each day amazing.


See you guys back here tomorrow. I’m sharing my recipe for Watermelon Basil Popsicles.

Many blessings,


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  1. Great tips CoCo! Love the pink bike!! Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. Thank you Angie! That bike is one of my favorite presents ever. It has the biggest bell on the side and that basket holds lots of goodies too 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

    1. I appreciate that so much ladies, thank you! I wish you guys were headed south too. Like all the time. Hugs, Coco

  2. Coco, I always love seeing your booth and all the pretty and cool things. Love all the tips you are sharing too. Summer is a little slower for me too so I’m doing some of those same things here too. Have a great day and those popsicles sound yummy, Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…Patriotic Ideas and RecipesMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! We business women have to stick together for sure. Summer definitely brings a totally different set of customers than any other time of the year. Hope your sales are fabulous. Hugs, Coco

  3. I so enjoyed visiting The Pickers Market in May and seeing your booth CoCo. I picked up a few items while there on my vacation, as you say to hold on to the memories of a fun trip. I fact I’m looking right now at the little blue footrest/bench riser that I bought from your booth. It is perfect in my freshened up office room. You helped and didn’t even know it 🙂 Thanks bunches! Bwg ~~~
    Bluwatergal recently posted…July 4th table ideas ~My Profile

    1. That’s so sweet, Bobbi, can’t wait to see your office finished! Coco

  4. Your booth is gorgeous, CoCo! One area we’ve struggled since opening our booth is stocking it with great smalls. I don’t know why we have such a hard time pulling smaller items together but it’s something we’re working on! The photos of your booth always give me fantastic inspiration.

    1. I have a question too…what are your thoughts on putting a shelf in the booth that’s for display only? Is it silly to take up the space with a piece you’re not selling? We just really need something with some height that we can put smaller items on and we’re considering a display only shelf. What do you think?

      1. That’s a great question, Amy! I can definitely understand you wanting to have a display only shelf in your space. It makes sense to have an anchor piece you can sell multiple items off of. I think that’s perfectly fine as long as most everything else in your booth is for sale. The chandelier in my booth is not for sale but I need the light so I leave it in there with a NFS tag. You can always change out the tags and put a for sale tag on the shelf at a later date if you change your mind. Hope this helps, CoCo

    2. Really good smalls can be hard for me to find too, Amy, so don’t feel bad about your struggles. My best advice is to try and find smalls that contribute to the over all look of your booth so the entire space will look pulled together. I’m sure your booth looks amazing because I’ve seen the gorgeous pieces of furniture you guys put in there. The hunt for smalls will get easier, promise 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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