Adding an Aged Look to the Dining Room Table

Back in January, I found this table at one of my favorite spots while out shopping with my Mom. It was the legs that drew me to the table. I thought they would be perfect for a farm table. The table is solid oak and I loved the wood grain on the top.


I only had the piece a few days when I got the call another table at one of the booths had sold. I didn’t want to give the table up but this is a business so I got out my paintbrushes and started painting.


I painted the legs in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and white washed the top Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White because I wanted to enjoy the wood grain. But the strangest thing happened. It didn’t sell. I was so happy.


I needed a table in the dining room so I happily brought it home. The walls in the dining room aren’t white but they aren’t off white either. They are sort of a mix between the two. We can’t find the actual paint color but for some reason the color Fluffy comes to mind which sounds more like a pets name than a paint color. Once I decided to keep the table for the dining room, I knew the white washed top would be too light. I didn’t want it to blend in or get lost in the walls but I was not looking forward to repainting the table either. It has two leaves and seats 10. I decided to try Annie Sloan Dark Wax before repainting the top. It was a huge time saver and it gave me the aged look I wanted. The difference was immediate.

Annie Sloan Dark Wax

With the revamped table in place, I set about painting chairs. I wanted part of the chairs painted in Pure White and the others painted in Old White. So I spread out the tarp to knock all 10 chairs out at once.


Inside the tarp, I found a lodger. Thankfully, the dogs were all inside because this little guy can make them very sick very quickly.


It took all day but I was able to get all 10 finished.


Now it’s time to set the table.

Annie Sloan Dark Wax

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