Bookcase Update with Adhesive Paper

Have you guys ever used adhesive paper on a piece of furniture before? I hadn’t tried it for anything other than lining shelves until the other day. This little bookcase has been with me forever.


I don’t remember how long I’ve had it but it’s been with me since my apartment living days. It was in need of an update and I was having a Mod Podge moment so I bought papers on sale from Hobby Lobby in my favorite shabby farmhouse style colors and set about transforming it.


I got about this far and I ran out of papers. And then weeks went by. And then months went by. And then I took the bookcase to my storage unit. And then I went from a large unit to a small unit and it came back home with me. And every time I looked at it I decided it just wasn’t me anymore.


But instead of letting the entire project go I was bound and determined to finish the bookcase. I was at The Dollar Tree looking for paper to pretty up the bathroom organization when I fell in love with this black and white floral paper and I knew I had found the paper that made me excited enough to finish the project.


It took about 4 rolls of paper to complete the bookcase. All you really have to do is measure the length and width of the area that you want to cover. For me, this meant measuring the top and the shelves.

Cut the size paper you need based on your measurements. The good thing is that this paper was numbered and lined which made for easy cutting.

Tear off the waxy like paper from the printed paper. Stick and press. I didn’t always line up the edges right and a few times, I had to place the paper back on the bookcase which I was thankful was not hard to do. If you have air bubbles you’ll want to be sure to smooth them out with some a straight edged tool.

Although the paper stuck to all of the shelves without any problem, it didn’t stick to the trim very well. I had to carefully glue those spots with Mod Podge to get the paper trim to adhere to the bookcase.

There was definitely some clean up involved but not the really messy kind.

I still need to make a few basket purchases but I think the bookcase will look really nice in the hall closet. It’s about to get a makeover. When we had everyone over for dinner a few weeks ago I realized all the games the kids used were not accessible to them at all. Wait until they see they can actually reach everything they need now. They’ll be blown away.


See you back here tomorrow – I painted a dresser in a new color that I can’t wait to show you!

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – I am so glad that you didn’t get rid of this shelving unit! I love the black and white transformation and can’t believe that paper came from the Dollar Tree! Another wonderful, inexpensive project with a giant impact! Well done!

    1. I know right, The Dollar Store is rocking the cool stuff lately! I’ll keep you posted on how well the paper sticks to the bookcase. So far so good!

  2. Coco, I love that graphic black and white paper. The fact you found it at Dollar Tree is amazing. I’m starting to plan the next bedroom project and have two tall bookcases that will be going in the room. Right now they are stained a darker color, which I want to keep, but I want to lighten up the inside back of them. What great inspiration. It’s for the 3 year old, so I can do something really fun. Your bookcase turned out fantastic. Totally breathed new life into it.

    1. Thank you Nancy! I know we both love anything black and white and neutral 🙂 Your son’s bedroom looks amazing so far. I love what you’ve done!

  3. Love the paper! Looks great in the bookcase. I love the way you tell your stories too Coco. You have such a sweet personality along with your many talents. Hugs!!!

    1. Aww you’re so kind to me, Angie, I always appreciate your encouragement and love lady!

  4. That black & white paper is gorgeous and you got it Dollar Tree? Amazing find!! This little bookcase is happy to have new life. Great job as always CoCo! Bwg ~~~

    1. I know, it’s hard to believe I found that at Dollar Tree and I love it. It makes me want to stock up every time I see a paper in there I love.

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