Breakfast Nook Design Plans

Today, I’m excited to share a peek at what we’ve been up to this summer. If you’ve had a chance to follow along on Instagram lately, you probably already know we’re in the beginning stages of implementing our breakfast nook design plans.

To be perfectly honest, I had ZERO plans to redo the breakfast nook this summer. That being said, I had a complete change of heart when I started editing the photos for The Busy Girl’s Guide to Summer Decorating: The Breakfast Nook post and I saw 8 different colors coming from two rooms captured in one picture. That’s right, 8!

And let me just tell ya, 8 is WAY too many for this simple, neutral loving, farmhouse meets vintage style girl.

The breakfast nook is one of those spaces that seems to undergo a change every few years. It’s one of our favorite places to decorate throughout each season because it overlooks a good portion of the back of our property. It’s gone through an awful coastal stage…

an all farmhouse all the time phase…

a give me all the neutrals you possibly can phase…

a traditional phase…

and a transitional phase too. You’re welcome for these photos by the way ha ha. Hello, totally embarrassing! I had to dig deep for them, but they drive the point home, don’t they?

And while the neutral backdrop lends itself to our love of casual living, it made me feel like the spaces in our home had become a bit choppy and dare I say, visually cluttered. See that Cashmere meets Cream in My Coffee line? It secretly drives me bananas!

Implementing the breakfast nook design plan is a huge deal because we live in an open concept home which means refreshing the breakfast nook also means refreshing the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the pantry, the laundry room, and the entry too.

I know. It’s a big decision.

Before I bought any paint, fabric or accessories I decided to dive head first into all my favorite magazines, decorating books and Pinterest boards to see if I could find any consistencies or common themes before we made our final decision. You know what I found?

I found a thread of white, black and woodgrain in almost all the pins on my favorite boards and in the pages of my favorite books.

You know what else I found? I found that I’ve loved vintage and farmhouse styles since way before Fixer Upper even became the most popular show on HGTV or farmhouse style was massed produced in all the big box stores we frequently shop.

So, after poring over all the research, we’ve decided to go for it even though we know it will probably take a while to finish it all. My goal is to use a lot of the pieces we already have on hand and give them a fresh makeover first. Then, mix in a few new finds. This what I’m thinking for the breakfast nook design plan…

  • My bestie S and I built the table in the breakfast nook almost 10 years ago and it’s one of those pieces I grieve we can’t take with us when we have to evacuate during hurricane season. It’s definitely a keeper and should be pretty easy to refresh.
  • I’ll be painting my childhood hutch in Annie Sloan Graphite on the outside and maybe Old White on the inside. We keep fruits and vegetables in the baskets which makes it a very functional piece.
  • I have a lot of white ironstone to style the hutch with and I’ll be on the lookout for tarnished silver pieces now too.
  • The white bench we’ve been using as seating in the breakfast nook was actually made from my mom’s childhood headboard, so we’ll be keeping that as well.
  • We have two Windsor style chairs already I just need to decide if they should be painted black or if I should leave them white.
  • This piece of artwork is currently hanging in one of the bedrooms. Yeah for free! I’m not sure about the size and scale of this piece though. I need to wait to see how everything comes together before I make the final decision I think.
  • Buffalo check is such a classic pattern which means pillows like these should be really easy to find or make.
  • We have to get a new rug for the breakfast nook. I’m trying to decide between sisal and jute though. I need something that can be easily cleaned because hey, accidents happen!
  • I would love a new chandelier for the breakfast nook, so fingers crossed I find something fabulous that is also to scale.
  • In a dream world I would also love to have textured blinds but as I shared before changing the blinds in this room means changing them in 3 other rooms, 2 of which hold double windows.
  • We’ll be adding some sort of greenery to this space because every space needs something green – yes, every. single. space.
  • Not on the design board but equally as important, all the walls will be painted in Valspar’s Bistro White…I think…

There’s just one thing I haven’t figured out yet…what to do with the coffee bar that shares space with the breakfast nook and the kitchen. Any ideas?

That’s all I have for now! I’m hoping we can have this breakfast design plan implemented before August. We definitely want to take our time getting it right especially given we have all the other rooms to work on now too. It’s going to be so much fun to see it all come together but I also know it’s going to be a crazy amount of work. We’re up for the challenge though!  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – This is a fun trip down memory lane!! We LOVE your design mood board! It’s totally you and it is totally classic. Love the vintage equestrian vibe as well. So.. other than the obvious – ship the coffee bar to Georgia! Are you eliminating the coffee bar area? Is something above going in its place? Or do you want to paint the cabinet in graphite to match the hutch? Too many questions? LOL No matter what you decided, we know that this breakfast nook will be fabulous!

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